Chapter 1

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Amelia's POV

One day I was walking to school to get to 3 rd grade.

When I was about to turn from a corner a boy appeared coming out from his house.i kind of got scared at first cause he was running to join me so I just kept walking. When he got to me and started walking with me he said " Hi what your name??" I was relieved he was not going to make fun of me or hurt me or anything." My name is Amelia " I said pausing" What's yours?" "oh I'm Benjamin Hayes Grier but people just call me Hayes." he said acting cool and swiping his hair. "Cool, where are you going?" " Oh I'm going to school, where are you going?" " to school too, witch schoolhouse do you go too?" Oh I go to Stanford High that is right here, where do you go??" " here too" "wait what grade are you in??" 3rd, what about you??" " I'm I'm 3rd too " " Cool!!!" " maybe we can sit next to each other?" " I would like that" I said with excitement.

* skip to picking our seats *

Hayes POV

Im sitting next to Amelia today and maybe forever until we finish school which is a long a long a long long way from 3rd grade.

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