Short story

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Justin and I have been dating for a year and a half now and we're still going strong. "Justin, I'm bored!" "Well, I can't help that, babe." I sit there pouting hoping that Justin would say something that would help us get out of this boredom. "Well, we could go upstairs to our bedroom and have a little fun!" Justin winks, "That sounds like fun!" we disappear into the bedroom to have a little fun. About an hour later, we're laying there giggling. "Well, that was amazing!" Justin says while winking. "I couldn't agree more." We laying there smiling and cuddling as the day fades away. Two and half weeks later, while we are watching a movie, "Hey Justin, I don't feel so well." "What do you mean?" "I mean-" before I could finish my sentence, I run to the bathroom to vomit. "Babe are you ok?" "I-I don't know. I felt fine then all of a sudden I felt sick." "Lets get you bed so you can rest. Maybe you'll feel better in a little bit." "Okay." Justin helps me into bed and covers me up with a blanket. About a week later, I'm still not feeling well. "Hey Justin! Justin!" as I call for Justin, I run to the bathroom to vomit once again. "Sierra, where are you?" "In the bathroom!" Justin runs to the bathroom to find me crying. "Sierra, what's wrong?" "I don't feel well. And my stomach hurts sooo bad!" "Come on, lets get you to the doctor." "Ok." Justin drives me to the doctor. As we wait for the test results to come back, I tell Justin "I'm scared." "Don't be. you're gonna be ok." As I hug Justin, the doctor comes in and Justin asks her "What's the diagnosis?" "Well, mr and mrs. Bieber, you're pregnant." My eyes gets wide with shock as the doctor leaves. I look at Justin and ask him "What do we do?" "Don't worry babe. We'll get thru this together." As Justin says that we get up and go home to figure things out. After about a month of talking and discussing, we decided to keep the baby cuz it felt like the right thing to do. "You ready to go tell my parents the good news, mrs Bieber?" "Of course, mr Bieber!" We make our way to Pattie's house where all his family is there to tell them the news. That I'm pregnant. We arrive at Pattie's house 15 minutes later and everyone is there waiting. After a few minutes of visiting, we break the news "Well family, Sierra is pregnant!" everyone gasps with shock and excitement. "But that's not all." I look at Justin with a confused look. Then he pulls a small box and gets down on one knee "Sierra, will you marry me?" I start to tear up and I nod my head "Yes! A million times yes!" Justin puts the ring on my finger and stands up and we kiss passionately as hug. After celebrating with everyone, Justin and I make our way home.

Nine months later, we give birth to a healthy baby boy, Joshua James Bieber. And a few months later, we get married in front of friends and family. And lives happily ever after!

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