Preference : He gets a boner infront of you

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Harry:  You put on the last bikini in the dressing room when Harry came in. “Babe, try this one on to.” he said, shoving a plain black bikini into your chest. “Harry, it’s so boring.” you said, looking at it. “Well, yea but it will make your tan look good.” he said, smiling. You tried it on and he loved it. He bought it for you and you both walked to starbucks. You leaned against the counter, waiting for your drinks. He leaned against you and you felt something hard press against your bum. “Uh…babe.” you said, turning around. “Sh…don’t move.” he said, pushing his front up to your…front area. “I gotta try to hide this..” he said, looking inbetween your bodies at his…little friend. “So, pressing yourself harder against me will help?!” you said, sliding your hand down his torso. He grabbed your hand just as you met where his pants rested on his hips. “No…don’t make it worse please. Your the one who did this in the first place.” he said, looking you in the eyes, with a serious expression. “Ha…wait..what!” you said, smiling. “Yeah, if you didn’t look so fricking hot in that black bikini, this wouldn’t have happened.” he said, pointing down to his pants. “Hey, your the one who had me try it on mister.” you said, turning back around. You got your drinks and made your way to the car. He kept you pressed against his front so no one would see his “little friend” ;)

Niall:  You were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Niall was at the table, watching you. You went to grab the spoon on the counter when it fell off. “Ugh.” you said, bending over to grab it off the floor. You turned around and saw Niall starring at you. “What…?” you said, looking at him confused. “Nothing babe.” he said. You rolled your eyes and got a clean spoon. The garlic bread in the oven was done now and you grabbed a hot pad, so you wouldn’t burn yourself, and bent over to take it out. You heard Niall moan a little. You smiled and shook your head. You placed the bread on the counter and moved them to a plate. You put them on the table next to Niall. His hand reached out to grab a peice but you slapped it away. “No.” you said, pointing a finger at him like he was a two year old. He pouted, his bottom lip hanging down low. “Horan, you keep your lip out like that, the only thing you will be eating for dinner is flies.” you said, going back to the stove where the noodles and the sauce was. He quickly put his lip away and walked over to you. “You’re so cute.” he said, pulling you close to his torso. “Yea, uh…babe, your cute too but tell Niall James Horan, number two down there, that it’s gonna have to wait till dinner is over. I’m hungry” you said, pointing to his pants as you handed him a plate with noddles and sauce on top. He blushed and kissed you. “I’m gonna hold you to that princess.” he said, slapping your bum before going back to the table to start eating.;)

Liam: You and Liam were having a hot make-out session while the two of you were ‘watching’ toy story. You were straddling him and he had one hand on the small of your back and his other on your thy. He moaned as you ran your fingers threw his hair, which you knew he loved. The viabrations of his moaning gave you the chills. You suddenly felt something poking your…lower area. “Hm..” you grunted, with your lips still on Liam’s. He pulled away. “What baby…?” he asked, rubbing your back and upper thy. You looked down and smirked. He followed your gaze and flung his head back into the back rest of the couch. “I…I can explain..” he said, as his face and neck turned really really red. You giggled, and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Babe..did I do that?” you asked, nodding your head down at his…friend. He just looked up at the ceiling and nodded. You giggled and kissed his adam’s apple, and his birthmark. “You’re so cute.” you said against his neck. He finally got eye contact with you, and slighly smiled. “I…I’m sorry. You’re just so beautiful.” he said, turning even redder than before, which you didn’t think was possible. “It’s okay baby. I love you.” you said, looking deeply into his eyes. “I love you too.” he said, before continuing his make-out session with you.

Louis:  You and Louis were cuddling on the couch, watching a movie. You had on one of his shirts and your underwear. He had on a pair of shorts and no shirt. Typical. His hand was stroking your side, making the shirt ride up your body more and more. You and him spent so much time at the beach, that you had a tan line from your bikini, but also from a heart shaped sticker you always put on the same place so you knew how tan you got that summer. Well, your bikini tan line on your hips and that heart tan line on your right hip always turned Lou on. He would trace his fingers around the heart all day. He was doing that now, and you just looked up and smiled at him. “Babe..” he said, pulling you into his lap, stoking your upper thy. “Hmm.” you said, keeping your eyes on the t.v. “Your legs are soft.” he said, smiling. You giggled and looked at him. “And, I think your getting tanner.” he said, lifting up your shirt, to reveal your tan line from the sticker and from your bikini bottoms. “Oh Tomlinson.” you said, shaking your head. “Uhh…what?” he said, looking at you confused. You got up off his lap and pointed down. “I’ll give you five minutes to take care of that.” you said, lifting up your shirt to scratch your tummy. He moaned and looked at your bright pink bellybutton ring against your dark, tanned skin.. “But…your the one that does this to me!!” he yelled as you walked out of the room, shaking your head, leaving him to deal with is ‘little friend’, knowing that you lifting up your shirt to ‘scratch’ your tummy, only made him harder. ;)

Zayn:  You and Zayn were at the beach. He decided to burry you in the sand. You agreed, letting him do so. The warm sand was in places you didn’t think was possible. On your boobs, in your bikini bottoms, in your hair, under your arm pits, on your butt, everywhere!! You groaned as you went to the water to rinse off. You looked down into your bikini top and saw sand everywhere. You went underwater, and brushed it off the best you could. You did the same with your lower area as well. You went back on shore, and saw Zayn, holding the towel on his lap. “Awe, thanks babe.” you said, bending down to grab for it. Zayn’s eyes  looked at your wet chest, that was now very visible to him. “uh..” he said, tightening his grip onto the towel. You pulled it again but he wouldn’t let go. “Babe, your sitting on the other towel, I need to dry off.” you said, standing up with your hands on your hips. He admirred your wet body infront of him and gulped. You suddenly realized what was wrong. He blushed and looked down. “Can’t you just…air dry babe?” he said, looking at you with pleading eyes. You smiled and sat on his lap. “Got a little problem down there?” you asked, pointing to his friend hiding underneath the towel. He nodded and gulped again. You smiled. His gaze went down to your chest again. “You…missed some.” he said, wipping off some sand that rest on your boob, barely notice-able. You smiled and kissed him. “Lets…go home now.” he said, grabbing your hand and wrapping the towel around his waist. ;)

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