Once and only

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Ok so i really would like to know what yall think about the story it would help a lot so plz comment and vote please and I would really really like to know if you would want me to make another story or stories it would be a big help to know what you want to read and what you don't want to read KK on to the story....


Once and only

So babe did I get you in trouble nah my mum just said don't let it happen again then once she left I put on BVB in the end I love that song!!!!!!!! Wow I didn't know my girlfriend liked punk rock. Your girlfriend who's your girlfriend? You duh!!! He told you. I am not your girlfriend It was like a buddy to buddy movie time that you toke advantage of me God Niall how in the world did you think I was your girlfriend. Oh shit I forgot to ask you will you be my girlfriend!?!?! Ummmmm well  on Lillian OK fine but just this time once you make a mistake it will end. Just once and only you hear me!!!! Yeah mum I hear you loud and clear he said in his deep Irish accent. "OK I got to go bye". Bye babe love you. Love you to.

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