FULL NAME: Clara Anne Donovan
AGE: 18
LOCATION: Mystic Falls
HOBBIES: Performing, drinking (secretly), hanging out with friends, working.
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single. But there is this one guy...

• Nicknames: Clar, Anne, Twinnie (mostly by Matt) 
• Best Friends: Tyler Lockwood, Bonnie Bennett 
• Friends: Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Jeremy Gilbert, April Young, Liz Forbes 
• Past Romances: Chad, Ben McKittrick, Tyler Lockwood (Briefly) 
• Sexuality: Straight. 
• Education: Graduated Mystic Falls High School 
• Skills/Hobbies: Singing, Playing Piano, Playing Guitar, Reading, Taking Walks in the Forest 
• Occupation: Waitress/Bartender at Mystic Grill 
• Financial Status: Lightly Struggling 
• Residence: The Donovan House 
• Powers/Supernatural Qualities: Not any known, although she does have extremely realistic dreams set in the 1800s... Weird, right? 

General Background;

Clara Anne Donovan was born on the 26th February 1992, after her twin brother Matt. Despite the fact that they are twins they are considerably different. Matt is kind, responsible, and the overall 'Golden Boy' of Mystic Falls. Clara is a lot more reckless and free. She isn't mean, but she is a lot more confrontational than Matt.
After Vicki died from an "animal attack" Clara developed a certain anger towards the world, an anger that caused her to go out one night and drink an entire liquor store clean. After that night, Clara was off the rails, drinking, taking a large variety of drugs – pretty much anything she could get her hands on – and sleeping around with bad men. Matt decided that enough was enough so he sent Clara to rehab so that she could get clean. He spent all of the family money ensuring that she would be back to her old, slightly less crazy self after the treatment.
Clara stayed in rehab for the best part of two years due to her unwillingness to confront her problem. She didn't really have much contact with anyone back home, due to both the intensity of the rehabilitation and all the supernatural stuff going on in Mystic Falls. So Matt was more than surprised when she turned up on his doorstep in late September 2010, sober and healthy, looking for a home to go back to.
Clara now depends heavily on Matt and trusts him with anything. She is fairly quiet, unless she's angry. She's also very sarcastic in certain situations, but she knows when to be serious as well.  Unfortunately, she has a knack for losing her belongings, meaning things like her diary or (vervain) locket often turn up in the Lost and Found at the Grill.

Now, Clara still has no idea about any supernatural beings, despite the fact that she's surrounded by secrets, lies and death from the supernatural.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Vampire Diaries or any of its characters. This is simply just for fun. 

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