Chapter 10

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Okay, I took a lot of you guys' ideas. I really appreciated everyone pitching in to help continue the story! ♥

It's not long.

This is just short and to the point so that y'all will know where everybody stands.

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Vivianna POV (1 Year Later)

I was preparing Collin's bag for the weekend, when my girls walked into the nursery.

"I don't get it." Hazel says. "Why can't we all just stay in one house again?" 

"Yeah," Lydia says. "I thought having two rooms would be fun. It sucks!"

"Alright you two. Stop complaining okay? We've had this discussion, Mommy and Daddy aren't together right now." I sigh. 

Things were rough, and I wanted out of the marriage. I honestly don't care what my family or anyone else thinks at this moment because Julius not only cheated on me, but his mistress is supposed to be carrying his child. Collin's whining interrupted my thoughts. He crawls over to me, pulling at my leg, staring at me with those beautiful blue eyes he'd gotten from Julius. He is probably the most trouble as a toddler, because he is always getting into things. 

"See look, Collin doesn't want to go either!" Hazels shrugs. I smile. 

"You guys have to spend some time with your Daddy okay? No if and or buts." I pick up Collin, and head towards the front door. 

"It's not Daddy, it's Amy." Lydia rolls her eyes. "She's so mean!"

"Yeah, and her breath stinks!" Hazel says as she heads to car. I couldn't help but laugh. 

"Be nice." 

"Not if she isn't going to be nice." Hazel says. I guess you can see who has the smartest mouth out of the two girls. 

The drive to Julius' office was quiet as always. They were so angry whenever they went to go stay with Julius. 

"Good evening Vivianna," his guard says. "I will take those to Mr. Harper's car for you."

"Thank you Rex." I smile as I head in carrying Collin. Lydia and Hazel reluctantly followed behind me. The elevator ride was a little long, I was more than happy when it stopped at the top floor. Walking down the hallway I could hear arguing from his office. It made me think of when we first met, and I first started working for him. 

"Sorry to interrupt." I say walking in. His angry expression quickly faded when his eyes met mine. I look away. 

"Hey guys." He smiles walking up to Lydia and Hazel, and takes an excited Collin from my arms. 

"Okay Daddy, we're just gonna cut to the chase here," Hazel began. I quickly place my free hand over her mouth. There was no telling what was gonna come out of her mouth. I give Lydia a warning look, knowing she would try to say something too. 

"Hey Daddy." she mumbles. He raises an eyebrow. 

"How are you girls?" 

"Fine." Hazel says through my hand, I move it.

"Julius, we will talk about this whenever you come home." Amy leaves, slamming the door behind her.

"She's in a good mood." I say sarcastically. He just shrugs. 

"Guess it's the baby." he says nonchalantly. I wanted to punch him in the face. He was stupid to think the baby was his. It doesn't even add up! She was pregnant well after the fact. Now she's six months all of a sudden?

"Oh." I nod. I just place on kiss on Collin, Lydia, and Hazel's cheek. "I have somewhere to be guys. Behave for your Daddy and I will see y'all Monday morning okay?"

"Okay." They sigh. 

"I love y'all."

"Love you too." they say, Julius included, with a smirk on his face. I just roll my eyes, and head out the door, a little glad to know he still does.

Julius POV

"Alright guys, what are we watching?" I ask the girls, after laying Collin down in my bed, down the hall.

"We have to watch Frozen this time Daddy, Meanie Pants chose the movie last time." Hazel says looking at Amy. 

"My name isn't Meanie Pants." Amy says with a fake smile plastered across her face. If Hazel is anything like Viv, I know she was going to say something back.

"Frozen it is!" I say. Hazel and Lydia sticks out their tongue at Amy, who just kept that fake smile on her face. After starting the movie, she asks to speak to me in the kitchen.

"Yes?" I sigh, hoping she wouldn't want to continue the talk from earlier, about wanting to go shopping with her annoying ass friend Yani. 

"Do you not discipline your children?"

"Yes," I cross my arms, "with good reasoning."

"Do you see how they treat me?"

"They're not used to other women." I shrug. 

"They call me names Julius." she looks down. "I can believe their mother not disciplining them, but you too? I thought you were a bett-"

"They're six and seven Amy, are you serious?" I roll my eyes with a sigh. "Look we both know, if you weren't pregnant, you wouldn't be here, so the least you could do is be mature, and not speak about my parenting. And don't even think about speaking about Vivianna. Now, I'm gonna go be a good parent, and watch a movie with my daughters." I walk away.

I don't know how she's pregnant by me, but she is. I don't even remember not wearing protection, I'm pretty sure I did. But if she says it, of course I'm gonna believe it. But mainly to make sure she doesn't go to the public about me having an affair. I don't want everyone in my business, which is hard to make happen because everyone is so nosy. 

I remember when Vivianna found out, well when I told her. She immediately broke down, literally punched me in the face, and left for the night. I just knew all chances of fixing things were out the window. I didn't want that. I still don't. I want her back. And now, I don't think that will ever happen. 

But I'm going to do all that I can to make sure it does.



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