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You just woke up to the epic sound of cars beeping, UGH I hate canada you said to yourself, you decided to check your YouTube channel FlowerLife. You logged in and you saw that you had 3,000,000 subs Woah, you freaked out and said to yourself that you can get in free to pax yas. You made a video to celebrate.....hai flowers rylee here I just wanted to say thank you for three million subscribers I love you guys, bye. You just fell on your bed and realized that pax is in two days yay, so you packed and you also got something for your favorite YouTuber woofless to sign ,it was one of his t-shirts. You wanted to take a walk around Montreal before you leave for Seattle, you went to this small coffee shop and saw your friend Acelyn aka AcelynPlaysMc. She's going to pax with you, "Hey Acelyn". " HEY RYLEE! Are you excited to meet your YouTube crush?"yes"you blushed
"Aww little Rylee has a crush"Shut up you have a crush on Lachlan"ah well Ya your right".You guys drove back to your house to get you suitcase then you drove to Acelyns sense your staying there when you guys leave for pax. You got there and saw her kitty poofless(lol) "hai poof"you said. You told Acelyn that you can sleep on the couch, So she went to bed and then you got to get ready bed, you went to sleep because the darkness took over.

Ooooooo, what's gonna happen, but I just wanted to tell you guys am going to be writing this story with a friend her name is AcelynPlaysMc go follow her but don't tell her I told you guys that.
But thank you guys hope you enjoy the story

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