Part 10

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I told connor I was coming...earlier.

I'm in London. savanna was doing a soundcheck.




I forgot which one...he smiled

It's ok


I hugged him

Brad says love bugs!

No I say

What no connor says

Well u seem excited to see each other brad yells

Tristan! Connor yells as he beats and pounds the drums so loud.

It's ok I say

Savanna was flirting with tristan

Savanna? I yell


You are with tobes so forget it

I know she says

Tristan says sorry

30 minutes james yells and walks over to me

Hey Poe

Hey mcvey

Why are we doing this

Why do I know

I'll be back gonna get something for u

Ok I say confused

This is from connor he says handing me a guitar. This is what connor gives a girl he likes...

Connor ask where he is
...Likes as a friend

Right.thanks connor I say

You're welcome he blushes.

What did u do dude he yells quietly at James as I head up to Tristan and savanna.

Tristan leaves the stage. we practice. (the jo poes)

James and connor are still going off on each other.

Hey bros! Quit it! I yell in the mic connor smirks James laughs. I can hear u! It's ok!

Stage time
Welcome poezers!!!! I yell

The crowd roars

Let's welcome the vamps!

But first it's sierra and connor young volcanoes....savanna says

What?! I ask

No it's not...its all of us somebody to u

We sang somebody to u...connor hugged me. brad says conierra it is the crowd roared louder.

Connor ran off stage as I fell off and James helped me up.

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