A/N: This chapter really doesn't have that much going on but trust me it's a lead up for the next one!!


Kellin dragged me to the mall even though I didn't have money he still insisted I'd go with him. I also didn't want to go because I knew every one at school goes to the mall and I don't want to face them.

"Vic we're going to Hot Topic, then Speners' and then Hot Rags, do you really think those snotty stuck up assholes are gonna be there?" Kellin asked pulling me from my thoughts. I looked at him and he quickly glanced at me before looking back at the road. I guess he knew what I was thinking about.

"You'd be surpised." I said putting my head on the window. I felt his hand rest on my lap so I looked at it.

"You'll be okay. I promise." He said giving my lap a little squeeze. We got to the mall and we ran, literally ran to Hot Topic. I wasn't surprised though because he did park close to the store entrance. I looked around and saw a woman a baby bump and a instantly remebered Kendall and Mike.

"Oh so I forgot to tell you what happened." I started off looking at Kellin while he looked at the wall of band shirts. He humed for me to go on so I did. "Guess who's going to be an uncle." I smiled and watched as his eyes widened and slowly looked at me.

"No way." His mouth was hung open a little and I nodded conferming his thoughts. "He finally got her pregnant huh?"

"Yea. It's scary thinking that my little brother and bestfriend are gonna have a baby." I said randomly looking through the clothes on the racks.

"Awe baby Fuentes!! Mikey Junior!!" He gushed. I rolled my eyes and scuffed at what he said. "Hey don't worry when were dads we'll have all the Mexican and White babies we want." He snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him.

"Now thats cute. Why don't you ever do that to me?" A girl asked her boyfriend. I smiled and chuckled and Kellin kissed me out of the blue. I was stunned but kissed back any way. "Oh my god the cuteness." I couldn't help but break the kiss by laughing. I turned to the girl and smiled.

"I wish I had a boyfriend like that." I guy huffed. I looked at Kellin who was now holding my hand and looking back at the wall. I truely really did love this boy and this store. No one judges you but all to soon Kellin found a few shirts and so did I so we payed the man and left to go to Speners.

"Hey it's the cutting faggatron!" I heard Ronnie yell when I walked out of Hot Topic.

"Just ignore him. He just wants to see if he an get a reaction out of you." Kellin said and held my and tighter.

"Is that you're boyfriend freak?" I heard him ask but I didn't respond but what he said next made my entier body freaze. "Next time cut deeper then you did this morning!" I stopped in my tracks and so did Kellin but he just looked at me.

"I want to leave." I said bluntly. He didn't say anything and just nodded. We walked out to the car but when we got in it he was the first to break the silence.

"What did he mean by that?" He asked turning to me.

"I was helping pick up glass and a piece fell and cut me." I rolled up my sleeve and held back the tears that theatened to fall. He didn't believe me, I know he didn't I wouldn't believe me either. "If you don't believe me you can as my dad Gerard he was there." I choked out and rested my head against the window and a few tears trailed down my cheek .

"I don't have to ask him what happened baby, I believe you." He said and held my hand. "Shut up Cassie." I heard him whisper.

"Whatever I just want to go home, please." I said. From the corner of my eye I saw him nod and he started the car. That was the end of that conversation.

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