Chapter 12

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Rinas pov :

When we got to Mira's house, we goofed off for a couple of hours. I was is the middle of being a badass and shooting some people of Call of Duty when I was hit in the head with a pillow. "What?" I grumbled.
"Let's call Hannah and Liz." Mira said. I will admit, we needed some help coming up with a good enough prank against the boys and who better to ask then your best friends.
I called Liz while Mira called Hannah.

"Sup girl" she said form the other line.

"Hey chickas we are in need of some help over here."

"What happened?" I could here panic in her voice.

"Nothing's wrong we just need help with our plan."

"Plan?" She questions.

"Oh that's right you don't know bout it.

"I'll be over soon which house?"

"Mira's" I said and before I could even say bye, she hung up on me. I looked over and saw Mira was done talking to Hannah and spinning in my desk chair.

"What food do you want?" I asked and stood up.

"How'd you know I wanted food?"

"You always want food." I said and rolled my eyes.

"Touché. Ummm how bout some popcorn."

I went downstairs and was putting lots of butter on the popcorn when I heard the front door open. I just thought it was Hannah or Liz so I just yelled "in the kitchen." I expected them to come and steal my food like they always do but I didn't hear anyone walking near me. I turned around to see what was going on and screamed bloody murder. Right in my face was Hannah and Liz. Now, though, they were on the ground laughing. They were laughing so hard that they were silent.

"What's happened?! Is there a spider?" Mira yelled as she ran into the kitchen. She was holding one of her slippers above her head. She looked around and saw the two girls laughing and sighed in relief.

"Really, someone could've been killing me and you brought a slipper as a weapon?" I asked her.

"Last week, you screamed because you dropped your bowl of chips. Can you blame me for under reacting?"

"You screamed because of chips?" Liz asked me.

"Yes chips are delicious." I stated.

"True true" Liz said.

"Is that popcorn for moi." I heard a deep voice come from behind us. I turned around and saw Jay and Jacob smirking at us. Mira and I glared at them will Liz and Hannah stared at them with awe. I forgot they haven't met yet.

"And how did you get in here?" I asked harshly.

"You really need to start locking the door sweetheart." Jacob said at the same time Jay said "we're ninjas." Jay made some weird karate noises and chopped the air. That caused Mira to burst out laughing. We turned and looked at her. Well I glared at her. I mean how is she laughing at them. They aren't funny, they are just annoying. When she noticed us staring, she stopped laughing.

"Rina is overreacting about them being in MY house, Liz and Hannah scared the crap out of you, I was trying to defend myself with a slipper, Jacob is being way to cocky about himself, and jay thinks he's got enough skill to be a ninja." We all just continued to stare at her weirdly.

"Sorry it's just been a weird past couple of days for me." She muttered as her cheeks turned pink.

"Fyi I do got skills you're just jealous." Jay winked at her and she rolled her eyes and turned an even brighter color of pink.

"Anyway can I have my popcorn now?" Jacob asked and started to walk towards me. He was about to stick his hand in the bowl but I slapped it away. I was starting to dislike these boys more and more.

"No this is mine and you can't have any."

"Technically it's my popcorn and yes you can have some but only a handful." Mira said and took the popcorn out of my hands. I opened my mouth to protest when I realized she was right. It was from her house and I was making it for her. I saw Jacob smirking and I wanted to slap him so badly. I was thinking about different escape routes if I were to slap him when I noticed everyone had moved to the living room. The girls were gushing over whatever jay and Jacob were saying. I knew Mira still didn't like or trust them and wanted revenge but I could tell that she was also starting to fall for their charm. I'd have to find a way to crush that. 'Wow' I thought 'I sound like a total bitch'


Wow. Two updates in one day. This is the first time my friend and I have written a book so sorry for any mistakes. Anyway we would really like to know what you guys think about it so far, and what you would like to see happen.( maybe a little somthing between jacob and Mira??) Thanks for reading!

~ nerdyweirdos 😜

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