class #8-yoda speaks

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well of course I'm not actually yoda. honestly I wish I was because who wouldn't? because yoda is bad ass. goes up on a Tuesday the club does. 

why am I such a freak?

me being a freak is aside the point. the point is I'm here to educate some of y'all on some of the things that greatly annoy me (and probably others) on this wonderful creation of a website. 

1. fanfiction

okay I'm not totally dissing all of this because some of it is really good and who doesn't enjoy a good book about kissing Zayn Malik? my point here is all the sex scenes written by twelve/thirteen/fourteen year olds. I'm seventeen and even thinking about that kind of stuff makes me uncomfortable. first off where did you learn all this stuff? direct quote from one I read "he positioned himself at my entrance" why the details? you can have your characters do the do and not write about it, especially if you're writing fanfiction and the majority of your audience consists of 9-15 year olds.

2. people only in it for the fame

first off this is so obvious and probably the single most annoying thing on here. you should join this website because you want to read/write and you love to. your reasoning should not consist of "getting famous" because let's be real here you're popular on a website that you'll probably stop getting on in about six or seven years depending on how old you are. so just enjoy writing, reading, and meeting people, and above all have fun don't worry about popularity that's just bull shit.

3. "i won't update untill this chapter has 1 billion likes and comments te he!"

like grow up people. again its not about the popularity its about our love for writing

4. the new "look"

I am quite bitter about this especially that huge orange bar and the new profiles. I used to have an account on here a long time ago and I honestly liked it so much more then. I will will give wattpad the benefit of the doubt with the create, that has gotten better.

5. new cafe regulations

like the fuck? These came out of literally no where. If you wanna meet new people you have to go to ONE thread that was created by the ambassadors. I'm sorry but that's bull shit no one is going to be able to actually make friends that way because its just not possible with several thousand different people on the same thread, things will get lost. I swear its like they don't want us to befriend each other.

6. ppl tht rite lyke dis

oh mother of mercy Christ Jesus where were you in elementary school when we all learned how to write. Stop and google how to write please it'll help not only you but us fellow wattpaders

if this offended any of you buck off. you opened book full of lessons created by my brain thus all of this is my opinion feel free to disagree



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