Preference: He's Drunk.

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Harry: Four twenty two am. Harry was out on the town with Niall and as every minute passed you were growing more worried. He never stayed out this late without letting you know. You decided to go lay down on your bed and wait there. You must have dosed off since the sound of shushing woke you. You leaped out of your bed and ran through to the lobby, where Harry was busy trying to tell the door to be quiet. “Harry?” you asked, moving closer to him. He spun round and in the dim light, you could see that his eyes were slightly bloodshot. “(Y/N)! Baby!” he yelled, pulling you into his arms and walking you backwards. “Harry!” you squealed as he tripped up, sending you both to the floor. He kissed you sloppily and you could taste the alcohol on his lips. “Come on Haz. Let’s get you to bed” you muttered, trying to get out from underneath him. “No” he groaned, pressing his face into your neck “Let’s just lay here” It took you another twenty minutes to get him upstairs and into your bed. You stared at him as he hugged a pillow to his chest, muttering something about Louis. He was going to have one hell of a hangover.

Liam: *Note; You’re not dating* You had heard from your ten year old sister that Liam had recently broke up with Danielle. It didn’t really bother you much until one night when you were out with your friends and you saw Liam standing at the bar. You saw him taking shot after shot and began to worry. Especially after remembering your sister telling you that he had a kidney problem. You decided to go up to the bar to get a drink and maybe see if he was okay. “Vodka and coke please” you smiled to the bar tender before glancing at the brown haired lad beside you. “Hi! I’m (Y/N)!” you yelled over the music. “Liam!” he slurred back. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything but should you be drinking that much?” you asked. He laughed loudly “Probably not!” A half an hour had passed and you had watched him put more alcohol into his system. When you saw he was getting up to leave, you excused yourself from your friends and followed. “Liam! Hey, wait up!” you called, finally catching up to him. He fell onto you as soon as you reached him and you struggled with his full body weight. “Liam is there anyone I can call to come get you or something?” you asked as you walked him into the cool night air. He dug his hand into his jean pocket and pulled out his phone, handing it to you. “Anyone?” you asked again. “Harry” he slurred “He can drive” You nodded and quickly dialled his number and dialled Harry’s number, explaining everything to him. Another twenty minutes later you were helping Liam into his friends’ car. You were about to close the door but Liam grabbed your had, looking up at you with his brown -slightly bloodshot- eyes. “Please stay with me” he whimpered, tugging at your hand to try and get you to come into the car. You bit your lip, but let him pull you into the car anyway. 

Louis: “(Y/N) we should go to a strip club” Louis whispered, pushing you up against a nearby wall. “What?” you giggled, just as drunk as he was. You pushed him away slightly so you could look into his eyes. “Come on” he groaned “It’ll be fun” “Louis I don’t want to watch girls take their clothes off” you sighed, closing your eyes when he started to attach your neck. “Fine” he pouted “To make it up to me, you have to give me a private show when we get home” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning in to whisper in his ear “Maybe we should go home now” He made a noise of agreement and practically dragged you to the exit. Arriving home, he pushed you against the door as he shut it. “Baby let’s go upstairs and I’ll put something more comfortable on” you winked as he pulled you towards the stairs. You skipped into your closet while he threw himself on the bed. You pulled on the sexiest clothes you owned and appeared at the closet doorway, frowning when you saw Louis sleeping. “Typical” you muttered, climbing into bed beside him. “Getting me turned on and falling asleep. Asshole” you still cuddled up to him, falling asleep and looking forward to your headache tomorrow would surely bring. 

Niall: “I’m hungry!” Niall groaned, looking up at you and Liam from his spot on the pavement. The two of you were out with the lads where Niall and Harry decided to have a drinking competition. Of course your boyfriend won but now they were both crawling around the pavement intoxicated. “This is the last time we let them get like this. Right?” Liam asked. “Yup” you agreed. You bent down to try and help Niall up but he pulled you on top of him. “Niall” you groaned “Get your ass up. We’ve got to get home before it gets light and people start to come out of their homes” You climbed off of him and literally dragged him from the ground. “Baby if you get up, I’ll buy you Nandos” He looked up at you “Promise?” You nodded and he slowly stood up, leaving Harry on the ground. As you were walking away, Liam grabbed your arm “He does know that there are no places open right now…right?” You shrugged, watching your boyfriend stumble down the empty street. “What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him”

Zayn: “Look at the way he’s looking at her” Zayn growled to Niall before throwing another shot down his throat. He was watching a sleazy guy staring at your body as you danced with Danielle and Eleanor. He watched as the guy made his away towards you, putting his hands on your waist and grinding against you. “That’s it” he growled, standing up and moving his way through the throng of dancers towards you. Meanwhile, you were trying to get the guys’ hands off of your waist, You were ripped from his grip “Hands off my girl” Zayn hissed, pushing you behind him. “What are you going to do about it?” Zayn didn’t answer he just punched the guy in the face. “Zayn!” you shrieked, moving in front of him, grabbing his hands “Don’t. Please he isn’t worth it” Zayn growled in the back of his throat but backed off, wrapping his arm around you. “Come on (Y/N). We’re leaving” After leaving, you ended up having to help Zayn throw up in an alley way, making sure he didn’t get any sick on his shoes.

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