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"No" I sobbed
I felt several slashes in my leg and as I saw them bleed, I thought of how this murderer gave me life...the one he was taking away.
I screamed in pain as he made a call.
"Mum dad! Joe SAVE ME" I screamed
"Gimme the money" He said
I screamed once more as another cut hit my leg.
"You cant kill her" A voice said
The next thing I remember?
Beep. Beep. Beep.
I was alone in a hospital room, a bandaged up leg and a monitor beside me. A nurse rushed in along with, Zoe, Alfie and 'dad'.
"Mum!" I said as I engulfed Zoe in a hug.

My beautiful girl, was dying. I saw the criminal, what kind of dad was he? It sickened me just being with him in a room. Tears dropped down my face, a murderer.
"How did this happen honey?" A nurse asked Gemma
"H-him" She pointed at her 'dad'
"What? Me? She's just traumatised" He defended
"Get out" Alfie cried, he never cried, the tears broke my heart
"I-I recorded the c-call" I cried, playing the recording that scared me out of my skin.
Policemen soon walked in and arrested him, and me and Alfie sat beside Gemma.
"I love you" I whispered
Beep Beep Beep.
At least she was alive. I hugged Alfie, mascara running down my fright-filled face. I didnt have a panic attack, I loved that girl and I wouldnt show myself up. We were supposed to make her life better not worse.
The beeping stop and my head swung round with mind-blowing action.
The nurse gave her air and I hid my face. Oh no.
Dont die Gemma...
An awake Charlotte walked in, rushing to Gemma.
A long beep played, then no beep.
Gemma's gone...

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