Minecraft Part 2

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Minecraft Island

Part 2

By Lane Muell

After Steve finished his breakfast, he crafted a chest for farming supplies and food.  He went out to find some natural plants in the world.  After he returned he had 12 sugar, 36 seeds, 2 pumpkins, 5 wheat, and 24 flowers (but who needs to be specific!).  Steve made a farm and grew crops, he also gathered ingredients to make cakes. He needed eggs, milk, sugar, wheat, cocoa-beans, TnT, and roses.  So he found all of it, and made a cake.  He also made: cookies, bread and pumpkin pie.  Steve was astonished about how much food he made in such a small amount of time.  

That night Steve decided to put on his armor, get his sword, and kill monsters all night.  So he went out.  When he got home he had killed a lot of monsters, got a lot of loot, and stayed up all night.  He put all of the loot in a chest, and ate breakfast.  After breakfast, Steve went out to the mineshaft.  He got some coal, gold, iron, redstone, diamonds, and lapis lazuli.  He put everything but the diamonds in a chest, and put the diamonds in a different chest in the same chest he put some sticks.  He thought he could use the materials to make extra tools.  It was starting to get dark so Steve  went to bed.  The next morning Steve had breakfast, then he went out to check his farm, when he got there, his farm was filled with wheat, sugar cane, pumpkins, and carrots.  He also built a barn filled with cows, and a coop filled with chickens.  The chickens gave him many eggs, and raised many chickens.  

That night he found some skeleton, of course he received bones.  Later Steve found a wolf, so he trained it.  He also made bonemeal, grew trees, and make flowers and crab-grass grow.  He also extended his farm with a pig pen and a sheep pen.  He then went fishing.  Steve caught some fish, and tamed an ocelot.

The End

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