I got up from the bed and rushed to the closet. I looked through all my clothes and coudln't find anything. Joe pretended to cough and I turned to him, he had a bag in his hand. When I turned to him he raised the arm and handed me the bag. "What's this?" I smiled like an idiot, "Just a little something for you" "Awh Joe" I kissed his cheek then I looked in the bag. I pulled out a beautiful strappy blue figure hugging dress. "Do you like it!" I wrapped my arms around his neck "I love it Joe! Thank you so much!" Joe went into the bathroom to change. I slipped on the dress and it looked beautiful. I grabbed a pair of black heels and I started curling my hair. I then put on a little make up and I sprayed a little perfume. The last thing I did was add some black stud earrings and my black charm bracelet I then stood and looked in my full length mirror. God this dress was beautiful. "Woah!" Joe was standing at my door watching me look at myself in the mirror. I turned to him "Woah yourself!" Joe was wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a black suit jacket. I turned back to the mirror and Joe hugged me from behind, he rested his head on my shoulder. "You look perfect Kat!" he kissed my cheek. For a change I liked the way I looked, it was nice. "Are you two ready?" my mum walked in the room, she was wearing a black sparkly dress with her sparkly heels. "Awh! Hunny come quick!" she shouted to my dad and he rushed in "Awh, Katie you look beautiful!" Dad took out his phone "Smile!" Joe had one arm around my waist and we both smiled. "Oh! You two are stunning!" Dad looked at his watch as Mum, Joe and I were all looking at the photo "We better go or we'll be late!" The four of us got in dad's car and started driving.

We drove to this really nice restaurant, it looked so fancy on the outside. The inside was even fancier! We were seated and we all looked at our menus, there was a long silence which was broken by mum "So, Kat what are you going to have?" "Um..." I panicked because I couldn't just have a salad because they would know I wasn't trying to get better. I felt Joe's hand slide on to my knee, I looked to his smiling face and it calmed me instantly. I smiled at him and then looked to my mum "I think I'll have the lasagna" she smiled and it was contagious as all four of us were smiling. We ordered some drinks and our food, then we all just chatted and I was happy about my life. We laughed and chatted until our food came and I was so wrapped up in our conversations that I didn't even notice I had cleared my plate. Everyone had finished and dad nodded at my plate and smiled. Mum and dad were talking about the dessert menu, they were so happy together. It made me think about when I was a kid, they were so in love and I always wanted what they had. My parents loved thier family and I be the youngest out of my brother and I, my dad spoiled me to death. I knew I wanted that when I grew up and now I felt like I was slowly getting what I wanted.

Joe put his hand over mine, "I'm so proud of you Kat" I leaned in and kissed him then I hugged him. Tears were forming in my eyes "Thank you" I whispered in Joe's ear. He hugged me tighter. Mum and dad decided instead of having dessert at the restaurant we would go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. We payed for our meal and left the restaurant, dad drove us to Baskin Robbins and we all got our ice cream and headed home.

Dad pulled up to the house and Joe and I got out the car, we started walking to the door and I turned to see mum and dad were still in the car. I walked to the drivers window and the window slid down. "You guys coming in?" "Nope! We're gonna go have a few drinks, we'll see you tomorrow!" I turned back and walked to Joe, who was standing where I left him. "Come on, it's bloody freezing!" Joe hurried me into the house. "Hello? Anyone home?" no answer, I stuck my head in my brothers bedroom, no one. Joe had went in my room and was taking  his shoes off. I walked in the room "No one home" Joe smiled, then he stood up from the bed and walked towards me. He kissed my slowly, "Then there's no one to interrupt now" he said between kisses.

Joe started taking my jacket off slowly and let it fall to the floor. I returned the favour and took his jacket off. Joe picked me up and I wrapped my legs and arms around his. Still kissing he lay me on the bed, he was hovering above me, leaning down and stealing kisses every few seconds. "Are you sure?" Joe asked looking hesitant. I smiled and nodded at him, then Joe smiled and returned to kissing me but this time more passionate than ever before.

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