Chapter 4- Blasted

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A/N: I had the hardest time writing this chapter. I hope you all enjoy it, and I apologize in advance if the story seems to be moving along slowly. Please bare with me, much more is to come that I am certain you all will like. And I apologize for such a long wait. I hope this chapter makes up for it. Please vote and comment. Thank you and Enjoy! ^_^

At first everyone was a bit hesitant with the thought of going into a tattoo parlor. They wanted the night to be one to remember, not something to look back on with dreadful regrets. There's nothing wrong with tattoos, the girls were just not sure about getting any under the influence of alcohol.

"Susan, are you sure about this?" Naomi asked as she stared at the Neon lights that read "Risky's Tattoo Parlor." The name couldn't have been anymore perfect.

"I'm positive. I've always wanted one." Susan replied with the widest grin on her face. Her excitement could be seen from a mile away.

She felt a tug on her arm. She turned to see Nina looking at her with worry in her eyes. "What would your father do if he found out?"

The mention of her father caused Susan to scowl at Nina. The intense glare she gave her caused Nina to let go of her arm immediately. What would my father do if he found out? Susan repeated in her head. What would he do if he found out about anything? She quickly got rid of the thought.

"The hell with him." She said aloud. "The hell with all of them." The anger was easy to see. She ignored the look of pity in Nina's eyes and the look of confusion from the other two. Susan stormed inside the building with her head held high. She walked up to their various displays of available tattoos. Her eyes scanned over the detailed art work until they came across the perfect one.

"How may I help you ladies?" The tattoo artist asked as he walked over towards the group of girls. Susan hadn't noticed him nor did she realize the three women who huddled around her. Talk about personal space.

"How much would this cost. I'd like it around my navel." She asked as she pointed to a simple black outlined heart with detailed angel wings that stretched out at its side. The wings curving up, giving it a soft, girlish look. She admired the little shading that gave the wings its boldness.

"$70." The man smiled.

"Okay. That's great." She smiled back. She watched as the man's lips twitched upward.

"Right this way." He walked them over towards the front counter.

The women took in their surroundings. The white walls, covered in pictures of celebrities and different tattoos: a Lion on a male's chest, words written in beautiful calligraphy displayed on wrists, religious symbols and all types of other sights. A large green couch lay in the center of the room, taking up most of the floor space, and facing a flat screen TV, mounted on the wall. Behind the couch was the counter, underneath that was a glass case that showed off their different jeweled piercing accessories. On the other end of the room was an open doorway, leading towards the different stations or rooms where the tatting and piercing takes place. 

"Sign this please." The man said as he slid a couple papers across the counter. "And may I see some ID please."

Susan quickly scanned the sheets and signed her name in the appropriate area. She then fished out her wallet from her purse and showed him her ID and handed over the $70. The man looked over everything and grinned an approving smile. "Right this way, ladies."

The group walked through the open doorway, following the man ahead of them. He lead them to a small room on his right. A small black chair sat in the corner and all types of illustrations and magazine clippings littered his walls. "Lay here." He told Susan as he pointed towards the bedded area.

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