Chapter 3

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Hey guys so i just wanna thank everyone thats reading this it means a lot so thanks guys

Mia's POV
I woke up sweating and spluttering like a mad woman. I had the worst dream. all the boys fell in love with me and i had to choose one but i couldn't so i ran away screaming like someone not half wise. I walked into the lounge but stopped at the door. all the boys were talking.... about me?

Louis POV
" Guys I really like her and she's perfect in so many different ways. Her smile, the way it lights up the room, her eyes the way they sparkle when she's happy, her laugh it just makes my day and I think I might be falling in love with Mia Talbot." i said with passion. Then Harry opened his big gob, " But mate, you're not the only one that likes her. I do too because shes the most beautiful girl here and I love the way she laughs like she doesn't have a care in the world."

Mia's POV
Why are they all talking about me like that? I don't like all of them, I only like one of them and that's Louis, isn't it??

Danielle's POV
Liam is boring me to death right now, like I'm sitting here waiting for him to kiss me but he keeps going on and on and on! I really like Harry, Liam's a distraction, I don't like him at all. I mean Toy Story? Really? Exactly. He thinks I love him, but he's in for a shock.

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