The Truth

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Alyn took is position in front of King Alvah, staring at the black knight with his sword drawn. Adrenaline rushed through the two knight’s veins as Alyn drew his sword, the blade glistening like his armor. Alyn was a tall and well built man, you could tell even though most of his body was covered by his armor. His shaggy black hair almost fell over his bright blue eyes as he studied the black knight before him. Such a thin, light sword, you really think you can bring me down with something as weak as that? But that armor…there’s no mistaking it, it’s the Black Swordsman of Dwealia, he took down a small army single handed. I hope you know what you’re doing your highness, Alyn thought to himself as he got into a fighting position, preparing to strike at any moment.

“Please step back your majesty, King Giles,” the black knight told his king, the horses that carried the nobles whinnying in fear as they were forced back towards the wall of fire. Glancing back once to make sure they were a safe enough distance back, the knight gripped his light sword. The knight lowered into a stance, the clinking of his armor cutting the eerie silence of the field. It was surprising how an army as large as the one covering the field could be so quiet.

The black knight lunged forward without warning with incredible speed, clashing swords with Alyn with such raw power that it forced him back a few feet. Each blow the two exchanged was stronger each time, sweat forming on Alyn’s brow as he remained on the defensive. The black knight kept moving faster and faster; not just because the weight of the large sword was taking its toll on Alyn’s body, but because the knight was just warming up, toying with Alyn’s mind. Alyn jumped back, from the black knight, muttering words under his breath as his hand started to glow yellow and he shot a bolt of lightning from his hand up into the sky.

The earth shook as the loud crack of lightening filled the air, dark clouds forming from the heat of the lightening. Rain poured down on the battlefield soaking into the dry earth under the soldier’s feet, Alyn’s hair sticking to his face as he moved to parry the black knight’s blade. Alyn’s plan had worked; the movement’s of the knight had slowed down due to the slipperiness of the earth below their feet. The two fought to keep traction as they fought, it becoming harder and harder on Alyn as time went on. The fight seemed to go on forever, neither of the two backing down or letting their guard down for a moment, King Alvah growing visibly tired of waiting for it to end signaled to a knight just to his left.

The black knight looked away from Alyn for a moment to see the arrow whizzing past his head and lodge itself into the pale throat of the queen. “NO!!” The black knight roared as he pushed back Alyn and started running towards the royal family.

        “Kiara no!” King Giles shouted as Alyn’s shadow washed over the knight, sword raised over his head and he brought it down on the back of the knight’s helmet. The knight sunk to the ground, splashing into a mud puddle a few feet in front of his king.

Alyn turned, furious at the intrusion on his battle, looking at his cheering army and a smirking King Alvah. He glanced back down at the crumpled knight on the ground, watching as the King of Dwaelia sunk to his knees clutching his wife as the life slowly escaped from her eyes. Alyn froze as the black knight slowly pushed himself onto his hands and knees, weak and shaking from anger and from the shock a blow to the back of the head had caused him. The knight reached up ripping the dented and muddy helmet off of his head and threw it a few feet away.

Long auburn hair fell, freed from the helmet keeping it hidden. Silence took hold of the men on the battlefield once more as the young woman stood unsteadily in the muddy black armor, dark red hair falling down to her waist. She was absolutely stunning, making Alyn’s skin turn cold, her pale skin a perfect contrast with the black armor she wore. Her grey, cold eyes met Alyn’s as he just stood there dumbfounded and utterly shocked.

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