When it all started

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I'm staring at the snow falling down from the sky sparkling and shinning. "Alice can you answer my question." I heard a close voice it sounds like a echo. I look over I see Mr.Cavininie "Alice are you listening?" I her him say once again more clearly this time. I look down "No." I say looking down at the ground "Miss.Jackson. this is the fourth time this week." Mr.Cavinine says to me in a disappointed.
The bells rings I grab my stuff to leave then I look up and she Mr.Cavinine he's standing there with its brown eyes staring at me and then I looked up at his short brown hair then as soon as I leave the class room I here "Alice." in a quick voice I look around no one seems to also heard it then I hear "We are coming for you Alice. don't struggle you can't get away." this time in a deeper voice it seems like a different person. So I start running, running real fast. I hear the teachers yelling "No running Alice you know the rules." but I don't care I keep hearing them speaking I keep hearing the strange men's voices.
I can't think the last bell just rang. I'm grabbing my stuff thinking of if I should tell a teacher then I hear the voice again but this time saying " don't tell anyone they can't help." so I start to cry I can't think my ELA teacher Mrs.Jones ask me if I'm okay I look at her then say yes.
I'm leaving school I see a man dressed in black walking fast towards me I start wondering what do they want from me? Then I see more coming from all directions. thankfully my best friend Kat comes out and asks me if I need a ride home i say no I can walk my house is right down the road.

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