Chapter:21 the truth

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Nate's POV:

Great right when I was going to ask michelle out of course Jack has to ask her out. I can't stop thinking about her she's all that's on my mind 24/7. There's something about that I just love and I can't stand being just bestfriends with her. But she would never like me I'm too ugly for a hot girl like her😞. But I have to at least tell her I like her, I can't keep this in me no more!

Michelle's POV:

Idk why Nate hung up he was very sad as he did im going to text him. The

Michelle: hey nate why did you hang up you ok?

Nate:yea it's just

Michelle: what you can tell me

Nate: ok fine


Nate:look Michelle ever since I met you I fell in love with you.every part of you. The. I found out you were with Jack but I didn't really think at first that I actually had feeling for you until what happened with you and the Jack thing I started to sense that I really like you. And now that your dating Jack I'm kinda you know sad!. I was going to ask you out tommarow at school but never mind now.

Michelle: awe Nate that's sweet and I'm sorry too but I'm with Jack and you just have to deal with it.

Nate:but I can't! I can't stand seeing you too together kissing hugging and everything I feel like my heart breaks everytime. I love you Michelle I really do but Jack will break your heart again I promise you.

Michelle: Nate how could you why would you ever say that ME AND JACK ARE MENT TO BE!

Nate:whatever I will deal with it but when he breaks your heart don't come crying to me go to another person.

Michelle:are we still bestfriends?

Nate:yea of course our bond can never break!

Michelle:awe thanks Nate

Nate:so you wanna hang with me tommarow night?

Michelle:uh sure unless I have any plans but ok

Nate:sweet it's gonna be a fun ass time! Wear nice but casual

Michelle: ok ttyl

Nate: bye

After I ended texting Nate I went on Twitter and checked my notifications I got a tweet from Jack

@Jackglinsky: I'm back with girlfriend Michelle everyone 😄🙈💍👫💑 and like it or not we are happy and inlove! Ps:baby if your reading this I love youuuuuu and hmu💏.

After that I late night texted Jack about cute things

Michelle: hi cutie

Jack: hey baby I missed you already💏😩😞

Michelle: can't wait to see you tommarow 💏💍🙈

Jack:same wyd tommarow night?

Michelle:well I'm going to be hanging out with Nate


Michelle:yea why can't i?

Jack: it's obvious he likes you micky I don't want my baby hanging out with a guy that likes her!

Michelle:Jack relax I'm not too into him IM INTO YOU AND YOUR SEXY ASS! And we're just friends I promise....

Jack:ok baby I trust you with this one but text me one every while when your with him.

Michelle:babe I'm old enough I can handle it..I gtg I'm sweepy😂😩😴 gn baby

Jack:gn see you at school bubby💑


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