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I just wanted to say this hamster didn't have a very long life to live, but got a lot of affection at times, and just thought you'd want to know that I do have a new hamster right now called Sunny, and she is a right pain in the neck, she doesn't listening, she can't learn, she unteachable, she hates going on my hands, she hates going on anyone's hands, she hates us, I hate getting her out, she is basically the worst hamster EVER, AND SHES OVER 5 MONTHS TOO! THATS WHAT I DONT UNDERSTAND, IF YOUD LIKE TO TELL ME ON COMMENTS WHY SHE HATES ME, PLEASE TELL...(she's a roborovski hamster, and I heard they aren't really a touchy hamster, so if I'm right, please tell me on the comments) also I wanted to say thanks, and if I groaned on and in and on about it, I'm sorry, I'm just very upset and Im not over it yet...I will eventually though...I will eventually...

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