Part One: Chapter One

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I dragged my feet up the cement driveway to the dark turquoise door of my gray brick house. I took a deep breath, then opened the door.

I set my backpack down on the ground and stepped into the small closet to the right of the short entry hallway. I unwinded the cashmere scarf from around my neck and unbuttoned my coat. I picked my backpack up again and entered the kitchen.

Mom smiled at me from the sink, where she was washing dishes.

"Hey sweetie! How was school?" Her smile quickly vanished when she saw my expression. It was replaced with a frown. She dried her hands on a towel and sat on a bar stool next to me, where I had sat down moments before.

"What's wrong?"

I sighed. I shook my head, looking at my hands folded tightly in my lap.

"I don't want to talk about it."

Mom was quiet for a moment, before she said, "The other kids are teasing you again, aren't they? Because you don't have your abilities yet?"

I looked up sharply.

"Mom, how many times have I told you not to read my mind?" I said angrily.

Mom smiled again. "Honey, I don't have to be psychic to know what's bothering you. It's part of being a mom. Although being psychic does help. Besides, once you have your powers, you'll be looking into people's minds all the time!"

"I'm just confused. I should have my psychic abilities by now!" I blurted out.

"My abilities came late. This is probably what's happening to you," Mom responded.

I was silent for a few moments.

"But what if I never get my abilities? What if I become Phasless?" I whispered.

"Blu, I know you'll get your powers. But in the meantime, just ignore the other kids. I understand most people your age have already received their psychic abilities, and I know you haven't, but that doesn't mean you won't."

"Whatever," I mumbled. I got up from the stool, not bothering to tuck it under the counter. "I'm going for a walk."

Forgetting about my coat and scarf, I stepped outside and made my way to the field about a quarter of a mile behind my house.

It was not yet spring; the snow had melted, but the temperature was still only in the fifties. The chill of the air raised goosebumps on my arms. I crossed my arms across my chest and shivered.

The journey to the field took about ten minutes, since I was walking slowly. Once I reached the edge of the field that created a border of my small town, however, I went past it, towards the far end, by the forest. I found my favorite tall rock and sat on the ground with my back against it and sighed again.

This was my favorite place to sit because the tall winter rye field in front of me shielded me from view. Plus, nobody ever went that close to the forest.

I let my thoughts wander.

What if I didn't Psych before I turned eighteen? I was sixteen already. Only two more years before my time would be up.

~ ~ ~

"Blu! Hey, Blu!"

I glanced behind me and saw my best friend's brunette head bobbing towards me through the sea of other students.

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