Best friends

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**One week later**
Today was the last day before break and everyone was going crazy and tomorrow at 5:00 am Ellie is getting picked up from the airport!! So that night me and Lance hung out and we decided we were gonna FaceTime all night and pull an all nighter so I would be up in time to get Ellie. Lance and I face timed all night doing stupid stuff and having fun. At 4:30 I got in the shower and got ready I put on a pair of Nike pros and Cami and Lances under armor sweatshirt that he had left at my house and flip flops and put my hair in a top knot and my mom was already up and I went downstairs and we left we got to the airport and Ellie got off the plane and we ran and hugged each other I was so excited to see her! And we went back home and slept till 2:00 in the afternoon. After that we ate lunch and gave each other a makeover. Ellie had long brunette hair and brown eyes and was tall and skinny and I was opposite I had long beach blonde hair blue eyes and I was shorter and skinny. But like they say every blonde has to have a brunette best friend.
That night me and Ellie got ready for a fancy dinner. Ellie wore a black dress with bright pink high heels and I wore a black leather skirt and a white shirt and a pair of red heels. We went to dinner and got back around 7:30 and Ellie has been dying to meet Lance so I invited him over for ice cream. Ellie and I changed into Nike pros and sweat shirts and I put on Lances. When Lance got the I introduced him to Ellie and stuff and and then we went to the kitchen and got ice cream and we sat down on the couch and I sat in the middle of Ellie and Lance. When Lance left it was around 11:30 and Ellie and I went to bed. The next day Ellie and I went to the beach and stuff and Lance was invited to go to. That night Ellie got mad because all day I hung out with Lance and she didn't come down to hang out with Lance she came to hang out with me and she left and went to her grandmas house that lived about 30 mins from me. I was really upset and I was texting Lance and he came over and I tried calling Ellie but she wouldn't answer. I cried all night Lance and I were laying on the couch and we both fell asleep and didn't wake up till 9:30 the next day I had 2 missed calls from Ellie. I called her back and she answered and she was crying and I started crying and we both apologized and she came back to my house. The

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