Chapter 15

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• Miracle •

Knocking and knocking I stood out in the cold air waiting for him to answer the door .

As soon as I reached to knock again it slowly opened and a brown skin girl was revealed with a big t - shirt on and her hair was all over her head .

"Hi" she smiled "can I help you ?" She asked

"Uhm I'm looking for August"

"Oh who's asking ?" She asked

"Miracle .. his baby mama" I said watching smile fade

"Okay " she said opening the door for me to step in

"Bae ! Who at the door"August asked appear from the corner

"Your baby mama ,Miracle" she said stressing my name with attitude in her tone

"Yo wassup ?" He asked coming closer to me

"I came to talk to you" I sighed glaring dagger at the girl who was rolling her eyes

"Is about Cali ? She okay ?" He asked

"No" I sighed "she's fine bu.."

"Well then if it ain't about my child don't hml or show up out the blue" he interrupted


"So I guess what I'm trying to say is , I love you and I don't know what I was thinking . Please forgive me" I begged

"I love you so much Miracle " he sighed "but I'm not a second choice he hugged me

"So are we back together ?" I asked

"Of course "he smiled kissing my lips

"I love you Odell "I sighed snuggling deeper into his body .


What do yall think about Miracle running back to Odell ?
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Sorry it's short , in writing this on the bus.

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