Chapter 4

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So I don't know if anyone saw, but I tweeted about me having a sorta inception of procrastion where I was procrasting from my procrastination... Mmm.

But then minutes later, this account follows me and it's an account to help people reach their goals and I'm kinda worried they saw my tweet and were like 'pff she needs help lol' but uh yeah.

So that happened.

How was your week?

Ezza x


Phil ~

(Not really too sure what's going on with the Point Of Views in this story but we'll roll with it. I can edit it later if it's confusing.)

If I had to set up that tent alone, I definitely would not have had it completed by nightfall - let alone in the time they did it. It was obvious that they had done this task before - several times by the looks of things - but not only that, they'd done it together. They all specific positions as to where they were - Dan setting up one tent, Ithar working on the other and Jason managing the poles and pegs and the rest of the equipment.

I awkwardly tottered about, occasionally handing a peg and asking if I could help. They all declined, so I wandered over to the supplies and rifled through them, setting them out neatly for when we would need them.

This, as I soon discovered, was a rather pointless act to have done, seeing as soon as the tents had been put up - which was extraordinarially soon, may I add - Ithar walked straight through the supplies, picking out a parsnip and biting into it raw. I stepped backwards and glanced mournfully at the not-so-neat set of supplies, scattered around the floor.

Having seen this, I gathered them up and dumped them in the bag they came in and threw the bag in the tent Dan had been putting up. Jason walked up behind me and clapped me on the back.

"So, Phil, I hear talk about finding you a weapon?" he announced loudly, but it was a friendly sort of grin that was stretched over his face. I smiled back and nodded. "Let's find you one! I want to help you train!"

I chuckled at his enthusiasm but dithered inside as I wasn't very strong or agile and neither was I a very steady hand. I couldn't think of a weapon that would suit me. Dan was very skilled with a sword, and the way his hand crafted around the hilt and his arms worked around the blade you could see it suited him just perfectly. His body was built with the natural curves and junctions to be able to bring a sword in and attack out from, as well as avoiding the enemies.

It was a wonder watching him train, as I soon discovered, after I had feebly picked up a spear but quickly became entranced by his training. He looked so focused, red faced and beads of sweat appearing on his forehead as he thrusted and slashed at the dummy in front of him. I turned away, toying the spear between my hands.

"Let's go over here," Jason said, placing a hand on my arm and tugging me away from Dan and the main sword fighting area to a more open, people-clear space.

"Also, Phil," he began, his voice quieter, softer and more genuine. "Don't worry about Ithar. He's a good man really he just... I don't know. He's very quick with judgements and by god he can hold a grudge."

"I haven't done anything to him," I protested.

"I know," Jason sighed. "It's more of a warning saying: 'DON'T'."

I smirked. "Personal experience?" Jason's eyebrows nearly flew off the top of his head as he let out a fast breath.

"Let's just say I do not wish to spend another year and a half on Ithar's bad side because I dropped a beetle on his porridge."

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