Untitled Part 13

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Bumblebee got a message. It was from Megatron: I’m about to call your team. I request your presence.

Bumblebee suddenly felt nervous. He made his way to the throne room, where Starscream waited to announce his presence. “ Ah, there you are,” Starscream said and opened the door.

“He’s here, my lord.”

Megatron, who was facing a big screen, turned around and smiled. “There he is,” he said,” Come over here, sweet Bee.”  Bumblebee walked to the warlord, noticing Optimus’ faceplates on the screen. His expression went hard when he saw how Megatron wrapped a arm around Bumblebee.

Suddenly, Optimus got pushed aside. “Is Bee there? Let me see him!”  Ratchet appeared on the screen. “Bee? Are you okay?”

“He’s perfectly fine, medic,” Megatron growled. “I’ll make that decision,” Ratchet huffed. “I’m fine, Ratch,” Bumblebee said,” really.”

Ratchet looked him over for a moment and sighed. He smiled at Bee, glared at Megatron and disappeared off screen. Optimus re-appeared.

“Megatron,” he said,” I believe Bumblebee has been in your presence long enough.” Bumblebee’s tank dropped. He’s mad a me, Bumblebee thought. “And I believe that is still Bumblebee’s own decision,” Megatron growled,” I also believe it’s time for him to choose where he wants to stay.” 

He turned towards Bee,” How about me meet up with Optimus the day after tomorrow and then you’ll make your decision?”

Bumblebee stared with optics wide at Megatron. He had one day to make a decision. He nodded. “Alright Prime,” Megatron turned to the screen again,” The day after tomorrow, we’ll meet at the canyon. Just you and me and Bumblebee.”

Optimus nodded his approval,” I’ll see you in one day.” He hung up.


One day…

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