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I see. HARRY! PASSED OUT! And I look up and theres... BLAKE! WITH A FREAKING BLODY HAND! "BLAKE GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK! SO HELP ME IF U EVER COME BACK I WILL BRAKE U!!" I must have scream really loud cause the boys came down, and their jaws were dropped after I said that and then they saw harry and freakin beat on blake. Then blake ran out as fast as he could.

"Harry?! Call an ambulance!!!" I Yelled- as liam called the police and an ambulance I thought about it 'Why would he do that???' Then I remember...Blake talking to me saying why wont he stop hitting on you like that?? HE WAS JEALOUS!! OMG! Then my thoughts brake as an ambulance takes him away with liam in the ambulance with him.

We all rush to the hospital.

We wait for hours and hours and hours. Until we almost left then we heard "Harry Styles?" We all look up, it was the doctor.

We all get up, and he says "your friend harry is..."


SORRY FOR THE CLIFFHANGER! I will update soon.

It takes forever cuz our computer is broken so im updating on my tablet and its super slow. Im having friend issues

My one friend who has been my friend for almost 3 freaking years is totally being a jerk. We texted to cancel plans cuz me and sis were going to PA, for the weekend and she is like "oh fine gosh its like u guys are always betraying me, and I have only ever cancelled on her 1 freakin time cuz I was sick. So now she is ignoring me. Its been abt 1 week. Im sad
So yah bye snukums!! Lol jk gtg baiiii! 5 votes?

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