The Morning(14)

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The sun seemed to burst into my bedroom window. I hadn't slept a wink tossing and turning about seeing him. This had been on my mind since he left that day. My feelings were in a jumbled mess. I didn't want to trust him but it was hard to think about trust when he pulled me down under. I wasn't religious but I did believe in God at the same time I danced with the devil. And the devil was holding me down I didn't want to fight him off.

I had to throw myself out of bed. Today was the day I would see Tesfaye for the last time. I had to meet Christina and Andrew for a meeting about three new potential clients plus helping them study for the series 7 and 63 exam. They both enjoyed being my assistants but I wanted them to become my counterparts. Andrew was funny always telling us about how he lived a lavish life with the many men who were of a prestige background. Something I knew all to well since men hid their dirty little secrets from their wives and colleagues. My eyes were still heavily tired but I had to get out of bed and start my day.

Finally sitting in the new café waiting for my assistants I ordered a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin with unsalted butter. I was hungry but my mind was elsewhere.  It was a bittersweet feeling to be seeing him for the last time. But it was what I wanted it was what had to be done. My business and life mattered more than the inkling of love I had for him. Not to mention the things he put me through the humiliation and disgust of others watching us being intimate.  I shook my head trying to shake loose the thoughts of him and those utter disgraceful things.

"So who are you thinking about?" I heard Christina's voice boom behind me. "No one just waiting on you guys to get here so we can get started I have to be somewhere tonight." I said not turning to look at her milky skin and silky bronze bouncy curls. She sat across from me and looked through the menu while I sipped my tea and looked out the window. "You look like crap Abigail. What's wrong?" I kept my attention out the window. "I'm very tired I didn't get much sleep last night." She sucked her teeth and nodded her head in understanding. 

I helped them with their exam although my mind wasn't fully there I did what I could. We wrapped everything up after a few hours of studying and went our separate ways. When I made it to my apartment I had a box sitting against the door frame. I sat on the top step and just rested my head on the rail. What was I doing? Why did I continue to except gifts and calls from him? Why was this so hard for me to do? I could go all day with these questions and no matter what or how I asked they would never be answered. I pulled myself up and went inside my apartment and sat the box on the table. The mail was scattered across my floor but I was too lazy to pick it up. My body flopped onto the couch and I sat there with my eyes closed. Then before I knew it I was in a deep sleep snoring.

I stood watching her as her tired body walked through the door and she sat on the couch. I loved watching her sleep especially when she was exhausted. Her lips would be partly opened and her head would sway downward as her hair laid gently over her face. The feeling of never seeing Abigail again stung but it was what she wanted. Tonight was going to be special a night she would never forget and one I would hold onto the most. Before leaving I pushed her hair back behind her ear and kissed her soft lips and inhaled her scent. She moved a little but never opened her eyes. I wanted nothing more to take her then and make love to her until she fell asleep exhausted. But in due time she would be mines. I smiled and kissed her again covering her with the throw blanket that sat across the top of the couch.

My alarm on my phone jolted me out of my sleep. It was completely dark all I could see was the light from my phone. I saw that it read 6pm. I noticed that I had the throw blanket on and knew that I didn't put it on me. He was here. I reached over and turned on the table lamp. Sitting baffled that I didn't even wake up to see him. This day was becoming a long drag and I wasn't mentally prepared to face him. I stood in the shower washing my hair I went to Claire and she dyd it jet black with platinum streaks. Tonight it was going to be in a wet curl and some dark make up to match my look. I had a black halter mini dress with silver chains accents down the back out with some pencil heel closed pointed toe with the silver bottom.

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