Chapter 8 : A Dilema

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''Makayla would you just stop!" I said, pulling chantel before she could jump on Makayla. I gripped by harders onto Chantel. "That nosey. medalling bitch!" Makayla said. "What's going on in here?' Security guard said. "This disrespectful, rude ass bitch needs her ass beat!" Chantel said, struggling to get out my hold. "I will fuckin' beat your white ass!" Makayla said, grabbing a small potted plant and throwing it at Chantel. "Bitch, if that would've hit me!" I said, eyeing Makayla. "All three of you can get kicked out if you don't calm. Your scaring that old woman." He said, pointing at a white woman who was holding her purse, shaking and staring at us. "Whatever, y'know?I give yall contructive advice, and all yall wanna do is argue and fued." Chantel said, sitting down. "I'm just stressed..About Kayla... And Jordan... And it's just gotten me all hype :/." Makayla sighed. "It's Okay. I know all about being stressed. My ex-boyfriend, Trey. He's so damn annoying , and doesn't take shit seriously. I don't even like dealing with his tiny dick ass, y'know? He's just always so..." Chantel said. "Such an ass?" Makala said. "Exactly." Chantel said, smiling. They both hugged and I was releived. "Speaking of guys, I should call Ed." I stepped out the room into the hall and dialed his number.

"Hello?" A female voice said. " Um..Hi? Is this Ed..?" I said,, confused by the femine tone of the voice. "Um, No, This is His GIRLFRIEND. The fuck is you?" She said. "Bitch, first of all, My name is fuckin' Heidi, mkay? You will address me by my first name, and you will fucking keep your atittude in check, Do you fuckin' understand?" I said. "Whatever, HEIDI." She said. "Why you callin my man." "Because yo 'man' wanted to bust this pussy wide open." I said. "Are you trying to get slapped?' She said. "Slap me, lay yo crusty ass hand on me, I promise you." I yelled into the phone. "Edward!!!" She called. "Come get this uncoot hoe." "Heidi??....Did" He said. "Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend you fucking asshole!" I said, holding back the tears. "I.."He said. "No, no, fuck you, Thot ass nigga!" I said, throwing down my phone and stomping it. I let loose the tears, sitting down.

"I'm gonna go find heidi, she's bene gone 10 minutes." Chantel said, walking out the waiting room. She spotted me with my face in my shoulders. "Hun, whats wrong!" She said, kneeling in front of me. "Ed." I said. "Who's Ed?" She said. "This guy who i liked and thought he liked me because of what we did in the bathroom at college orientation...And I called and his GIRLFRIEND answered and i feel so played and betrayed!" I let out, then bawling right afterwards. " Omg, that's so fucked up, heid!" She said. " I wanna beat his ass!" I sighed, and whiped the tears out my face. "I'm just so over guys fucking with me..Playing me..And it just hurts because i honestly thought we had something..And this is like a fucking slap in the face. I feel like a joke and I feel embarrassed that I beleived his lie. The worst part is that he's going to the same college that we're goin' to. It's gonna be hard to see him walking around with that bitch, and still me feeling love for him deep inside, but i cant express it to him because of that bitch and it's just all such a dilema that I can't fix." I said. 

"Wow, Heidi. I heard all of that. I didn't know you guys......" Makayla said. "No, we didnt actually... but we were close to it.." I said. "And I was stupid enough to fall for his lies. I just want her to break his heart. Watch his smile fade in to horror as he feels his own two-face, backstabbing-ness is gonna be priceless." I said. "How come you didn't tell me?" Makayla asked. "i-" I was cut off. "Makayla Chudney?" A doctor said. "Yes....?"She said. Kayla came out the room, tears running down her face.  "I have the results." The doctor said. "The results of Kayla's boyfriend surviving is...."


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