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The familiar mocking beep of the alarm woke the two of them up. Ellie tried to sit up but Ashton's huge arms were around her so she couldn't move.
"Ashhhh" she said quietly.
"Yeah." He replied, still half asleep.
"ASH-TON IR-WIN." Ellie shouted which made him jump.
"Woah!" he shouted.
"It's a special day we need to get up." Ellie laughed.
"What our wedding day?" Ashton said, his eyes closed. This for some reason made Ellie blush.
"No, my sister and friend are both coming round!" Ellie almost shrieked in excitement.
They got up eventually and got ready for the day.
Emily arrived that morning extremely excited and wouldn't stop jumping around and grinning.
When they heard a car pulling up outside they rushed to the window and peeped through the blind. They saw a tall, dark haired boy get out of the car.
"NATHAN!!!" They both squealed simultaneously.
"Okay okay stay calm we don't want to freak him out." Emily said.
"Okay." Ellie replied, but when the doorbell rang they started squealing again.
"Nathan!" They both greeted him with a hug, and at this point Emily started crying (as she did at most things). They weren't being very calm but neither was Nathan, all three of them were so excited.
"I can't believe I'm finally meeting you!" Nathan said to them.
"Ahh me neither!" Said Emily.
"I know! Would you like a drink?" Said Ellie.
"Yes please!" Grinned Nathan.
"Ash!" Ellie called Ashton from the living room.
"Sorry he's being so rude!" Ellie apologised to Nathan and rolled her eyes.
"Hey!" Ashton said as he came in the room. "Nice to meet you!"
"Nice to meet you too!" Said Nathan, shaking his hand.
Everyone seemed to hit it off, and they all laughed and talked.
There was another knock at the door and Ellie jumped up to answer it.
"AMBER!" She opened the door, but it wasn't Amber, it was the postman.
The postman seemed to notice the disappointed look on her face.
"Package for a Mrs E, uh, Irwin." He said and passed her the package.
"Thank you!" Ellie said after signing for the package and the postman left.
As she was about to go inside she noticed something outside, then heard a slightly confused
"Oh, hello." From next door. Outside stood Amber.
"Hi I'm looking for El-"
"AMBER!!" Ellie shouted from her doorstep, and when Amber saw her a huge grin spread across her face then she jumped over the hedge and sprinted to Ellie's door.
"Ellie!" She said whilst hugging her, then they went inside.
Ellie suddenly realised that Amber and Ashton had never met, Amber didn't even know about Ashton. But after introducing them they got along fine, and everyone was so happy to see each other; they had a great time.

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