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Dear Diary, 

Well, today is a brand new day and it is my 11th day here. Still no one has noticed me sitting on the side of the road starving. Only one nice mother dropped a sandwich for me. I really do regret running away from home. I just couldn't handle being yelled at 24/7. It got old. So I ran away. I ran and never looked back. No more Tennessee, hello Texas. I am just very happy I remembered to pack this diary so I have "someone" to talk to. I guess going south isn't as easy as it seems. Well, goodbye for now.


The wind was starting to pick up. The clouds grew darker and all of the people on the streets scatterd into their houses. Of course NO ONE offers me to spend the night with them so I don't become wet in the upcoming storm. I looked up and a mother was holding up an umbrella and holding her kid close so she wouldn't become wet. The mother looked down at me and saw my hopeless eyes. She dropped a picnic basket at my feet, nodded and then left dragging her little girl behind. 

That started to give me hope that this wasn't going to be so bad after all. 

I figured that I should go knock on someones door and ask them if I could spend the night there. I went up to a brown house that looked like it was just built. It was a lot bigger than my farmhouse. I rang the doorbell and a wealthy man answered.

"Hello, young dear!" His voice boomed.

"Hi, Sir may I spend the night, I do not have any home and I can't seem to find my way home." I lied.

"Oh sure," He told me, ushering me in. "Are you alright?"

"Yes I am fine. My name is Charlotte by the way."

"Nice to meet you Charlotte my name is Rick." The man said. "Jenny come in here! We have a visitor!" 

"Oh, hello sweety." Jenny spoke faintly.

"She is lost and needs to spend the night." Rick told Jenny with concern on his face. "How about you show her to her room."

"Indeed, I shal"

Jenny started to lead me up some tall mansion stairs, up into a hallwaway with a bunch of doors leading to other places. Jenny started giving me a tour.

"In this room is an arcade room, not for me of course" She giggled. 

"Over here, we have my daughter Amanda's room, and where you will be staying."

She opened the doors, in one room was a girl sitting, painting her nails. She had redish sort of hair and was wearing a baby blue dress with a big bow in the front. She had pigtails held together with bows. She stood up and walked over and gave me a slight nod and then squeezed pass us and left. Jenny nodded her head like she was satisfied with what Amanda had done. She opened the door into my room and let me in. It was HUGE! It had floral print walls and had a beautiful polished wooden floors. The bed was a queen bed and had white covers. In the right corner was a dresser and a make up station. I was so tired I cralled under the covers and drifted off to sleep.


"Hello. How was your sleep?" Jenny's voice rang out.

"Incredible!" I called out giving more and more details while everyone just stood there staring at me and laughing.

"Well, I should really be going. Thank you for everything." I told them

Rick, Jenny, and Amanda looked sort of dissapointed. 

"I will use the bathroom quick and will be on my way" I left carrying my backpack into the bathroom. I sat down on the floor and grabbed my diary.

Dear Diary,

Well, some nice family let me stay the night. I believe that they went a little over the top on the size of their house. It is GIGANTIC! The beds were incredibly soft, but now they look a little dissapointed that I am leaving. I guess I could stay one more night. That way it won't hurt their feelings. (Hurt their feelings, how could saying that I am going to leave hurt their feelings?) I have made up my mind I will stay one more night for them, certainly not for me. Their daughter, Amanda seems really nice and I would like to get to know her. Wait a minute, Jenny just told me that we are going swimming today IN THEIR INDOOR INGROUND POOL! Oh my! Well, It seems as if I have to go. Goodbye for now.


It is the morning of my second day and I woke up early to, well leave without being tricked into staying another day, I opened my door and to my suprise was...

A/N: Yes, I am going to leave you hanging there. Update soon, promise. Thanks for reading

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