He lost track of time in their kiss.

A moment before he had been aware of the ticking clock on the mantle piece, reminding him what time he needed to be at The Cavern at so no one would have a reason to be suspicious. He had been aware of the footsteps creeping up the stairs and the rustling coming from the hallway.

But all that stopped the second Brona's gaze had met his unashamed. He was unable to resist the pul. He was sure that the greatest force in the world would have been powerless to stop that kiss. This kiss.

His lips were moving in a slow sync with hers, as his tongue explored every each of her mouth. He was savouring it. He had be been longing for this for what seemed like an eternity.

And yet her she was, kissing him back just as eager as he was. Her hands had found their way around his neck, her fingers gently playing with the back of his hair. One of his hands was resting on the curve of her spine, holding her close, while the other cupped her cheek. 

Although Paul's thoughts were dissolving in his brain while he was absorbed in the kiss, he was sure of one thing. That nothing else mattered, only the pure fact that he loved her. If there was anything else that mattered but that single fact, then he wouldn't have let his urges take control. 

This is what he wanted. Her. He was so sure of it now. Paul knew he wouldn't be able to walk out of this room without her. He needed her.

"Brona," he breathed after detaching their lips. He pulled back slightly took at her. Brona looked dazed, half smiling as she caught her breath. "I wish I wouldn't say it but I can't keep it in any longer."

Brona's brows arched as her blue eyes grew. Her conflicted emotions making their mark on her face. But Paul was too caught up to see it. "Paul," she pleaded, her eyes begging him to stop.

"I've told myself and told myself that it would never work," Paul admitted, ignoring her pleading blue eyes. "But it just isn't true. Everything was just an excuse cause I wasn't brave enough to tell you, but I am now. Brona, I'm in love with you."

Brona's eyes widened as Paul's bore through them. She swallowed heard, trying to reduce the lump in her throat. A shiver involuntarily ran down her spine as one of Paul's hands gently wrapped around her wrist. 

She felt paralyzed under the conditions. She had no idea what to say and all she could think of doing was running away, avoiding the confrontation. In all honesty, the brunette wouldn't even sure how possible that idea was because she felt like she couldn't move.

Brona took a deep breath, trying to compose herself and the mad beating of her heart. "Paul," she said, her voice disappointingly shaky. "I'm very flattered." Brona was sure that there was no other time that she desperately wanted to roll her eyes more than now. 

She had no idea what to say and it was the first thing that popped into her head. She didn't know how she felt, it was rather unexpected and the timing wasn't convenient.

"No, don't say that," Paul said firmly.

Brona's brows arched. "Why not?"

"Cause 'flattered' is a word people use when they're gettin' ready to say no."

A smirk lingered on her berry stained lips. "That sounds so like you," she admitted in good humour, recalling the countless number of times Paul would have to reject a girl or break up with her. Tracing back over the years, it was a very frequent event.

"Brona, would you give us a chance?"

Her eyes touched on his briefly, her lips buttoned tightly in thought. He looked so sweet in that moment. Vulnerable even. It was the way his dark hair wasn't perfectly combed anymore and how the light caught in his deep hazel orbs and the way his lips were slightly agape. 

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