Breakups and pranks

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Chapter 6 HCHTIH

Hazel's POV

I still need to break the news to Jenna. I've been thinking a lot and I am not actually attracted to the same sex. I miss Frank, and I need him back. I love him, and I know he loves me. I was curious about my sexuality, and therefore I started dating Jenna. I know one day she will find her second chance mates and will be loved by them much more than I ever have. I am going to break up with Jenna, and I'm going to do it today. Thank goodness I have it planned out what I'm going to do.

"HAZEL GET OUT OF BED THIS INSTANT!!!!! Don't you know we gotta roll cupcake??????" I hear Coach Hedge bark at me. Great. Everybody is up.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" I growl out. Quick tip: NEVER wake up a Hades/Pluto demigod. Ever.

"Let's not wait for this godsdamned South African grass to grow!" Coach shouts. "Alright, alright." I mumble.


After showering and washing my black, frizzy hair, I go downstairs to the living room as instructed by Zoe. We need to disguise ourselves so that people don't suspect who we are.

Pretending to be human, and getting assigned personalities and makeovers are going to hide who we really are.

We are going to be staying at Camp Apollo, the South African half-blood camp for both Romans and Greeks.

Legend has it that Apollo found his first true love on the site of Camp Apollo. She was unexpectedly killed by a monster, while on the shore of the beach. Apparently she was killed while she was singing.

Apollo wanted to honor her, so he took an old saying into account "The Gods gave us three parts of our ears to hear through. The first, the nearest to the surface: to hear mundane conversations, the ordinary sounds of the world. The second: to hear the arts, music, art, dance, poetry. And the third, the deepest of the realms in your mind: to hear the song of your soul. The song which holds your deepest darkest secrets. The song which holds the key to your soul. "

Apollo made that happen. Any person to step on the land of his beloved, that had a good heart, and fought for what they believed in-they would get an honorable death. People say it is like hearing the most melodious and amazing sound on earth. People who have heard the Gifts of Apollo, usually never recover. The song is said to burst from their bodies, just as they die.

Anyway, back to the story. I'm her in the kitchen with nobody but Annabeth, Percy, and me myself and I.

All of a sudden, who shall walk down the steps but Connor and Jenna, pulling the Four Musketeers down by their ears.
"WTF are they doing here????" I almost scream "Thalia is going to kill you!" "She knows" I hear all four of them say at the same time.

These four kids were legally adopted by the feared huntress of Artemis: Thalia Grace.

"You're too young" Percy says. "We made an aging potion that will temporarily make us 18. We have to take it every 5 days" says Gabi. "We also brought your potions as Travis left them at camp." Those of us who aren't 18 are supposed to take a potion to become that age.

"Your personalities," I add in. "We're basically going to be the Stolls." Kiera says as if I'm the dumbest person on earth.

Just then the rest of the gang walks in. All in only towels and underwear.
"Hey guys, before we start, can I talk to Jenna for a moment?" I say. I get a chorus of "sure"s and I drag Jenna away.


As we come back Jenna is almost in tears, and I am deadly quiet. Zoe and Piper both look at me, as though they are expecting the worst. I just look down, and shake my head. Zoe gasps with tears streaming down her face. Piper just hugs Jason, dry sobbing. The rest of the crew look confused. "Later. . ." I whisper.

"Personalities!" Zoe says trying to stop crying. "Nico, you will be the typical gay guy. Obsessed with fashion, loves shopping, says things like 'OMG DOLLFACE!'

Coach, you're just . . . You I guess.

Thalia is just gonna be her usual self as well. Intimidating and glares at almost every boy that looks her in the eye.

Nico, it's your job to hold Thalia back and make sure she doesn't kill any males.


At that Leo interrupts her and starts bolting out the words to Fireball by Pitbull







Okay, Hazel you're miss fashionista asta lavista. You're gonna do nothing but be social, read magazines, shop online and go to the mall. Oh, and no jewelry as usual.

Badass Jenna of course. That's five more piercings and 3 more tattoos. You're basically gonna not even know there is such a word as 'rules'

Annabeth, you're gonna prove every person that you come across that you're not the usual dumb blonde. Beat EVERYBODY.

Percy: the Jace Herondale of demigods. A cocky bastard who is completely devoted to his 'Lady Friend'.

Jason, inbrace your inner Nerd.

Joe Suggs and Caspar lee playing as Jason Grace.

Piper you're going to want to save the two headed dung beetle. You tree hugger.

Frank. You're a fucking party animal

I'm going to be diva/drama queen.

And lastly the four musketeers. Prank. Prank. Prank. And lastly, Prank.

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