The place we all love...TO HATE.

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Blah!!!! Because of all of these projects I have to do this week, I can't update ANYTHING! Do you all know how that makes me feel?! I'M GOING CRAZY! 

The only highlight of my day was when I found out that for our next school concert, the choir is singing "Blame It On The Boogie" and ""Love Never Felt So Good"!!! I MELTED when our band director/ choir director announced that today! Everyone in my class gave me a sick smile when he wrote. "Michael Jackson" on the board! 

I was going to upload an MJJ imagine today that I already typed, but Wattpad wanted to be a butt and delete everything except the first paragraph! FML!!! I'm not sure if I can re-type it word for word, but I'll try another day. *Pouts*

On the way home from school, I listened to D.S. and noticed something that I never heard before that proves that I must be semi deaf tbh! I NEVER heard Michael in the background yelling to himself "GONE BOY!","GONE BABY!" and so on I laughed so hard because...I don't know how! Maybe because I'm always concentrating on the words or how talented Slash is on a gitar...

I hope you all had a great day MoonWalkers! *Muah!*

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