chapter two

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Lila's pov

So, I was walking down the street. Then, I bumped into someone who I recognized before. He said "sorry darlin' ". He helped me up. "Sorry, I should watch where I am goin' " I said. " Are you here alone?" he asked me. "Yes, my mom, dad, and brother didn't like me so I ran away" I said about to cry. He looked at me and you can see the sorrow in his brown eyes. "J am so sorry, do you want to stay with me. I always wanted a daughter" he said happy. I looked at him amd said"yes, thank you very much". He then said "I didn't interduse myself. I am Luke. As in Luke Bryan. " I thought for a minute before saying anything. Thats why he looks familiar. I finally said "oh, and my name is Lila". "Thats a pretty name" he said with a big smile on his face.

Then, we went to his truck, and we went to his bus.

Luke's pov
So, I found this cute little girl on the streets, and keeping her. I am so excited I always wanted a daugter. I helped her in my truck, and we went back to the bus. I am still on tour for another week. It is the 'That's my kinda night' tour. I was texting my mom in the car.

Luke=L Luke's mom=M

L=Hey mom. i just got a new daughter that I want you to= meet tonight. Come to the bus.

M=Hi, and I am on my way there right now can't wait to meet her.

L=Kk. See you soon.

It was quite in thee truck so to break the silence I started asking her questions. "How old are you Lila" I said. "10" she said. "What do you like to do for fun". " love to hunt, fish, listen to music, and riding 4 wheelers". I was wondering if she listens to me because I sing around the house all the time. "what kind of music do you listen to"? " I listen to you, Kieth Urban, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and alot more." I was happy when I heard she liked my music. I couldn't keep the smile off of my face.

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