Chapter 14 - The Play

Selena's POV

The sun hasn't risen but we were already at the school, laying on for the stage. Only the staffs were here and the actors are still at home, sleeping. I envy them. I should've still dreaming at this time about hot boys and unicorns.

"Selena! Can't you get things done faster? The slugs are faster than you, woman." I heard Becky shouted at me. Apparently, she was in charge of our team and she's being a bitch to me. She was nice with everyone except me. She's really getting onto my nerves.

"Yeah yeah." I just answered to satisfy her.

She isn't really a mean girl and I didn't do any extreme to her but from what I heard, she was Zayn's girlfriend before Perrie. But to unknown reasons, Zayn broke up with her. The reason probably was Zayn doesn't like her anymore because he is in pursuit of his ''true love". He's so gay sometimes. But that didn't stop me for falling for the impressive and dangerous boy.

"Lost in your train of thoughts?" I shrieked when somebody grabbed my shoulders.

"Justin?! Damn you. You scared me."

"Don't cuss." He sneered hotly at me.

"Why not? And what are you doing here? The play doesn't start till 8."

"Cussing makes me you hotter. I am here to help you get things done. I heard Becky is giving you a hard time."

"Tell me about it." I said ignoring his first comment.

"Cheer up Selly. She's just jealous of you."

"Me? Oh she's jealous of Perrie but Becky couldn't bitch around her because she's more popular than her. And Zayn would probably kill his ex-girlfriend. And now, she's directing her anger towards me because I'm THE not-so-famous-best-friend."

"Nah. She's just jealous of you because you're surrounded by hot guys like me." He then winked and left before I could punch him. Damn arrogant asshole.


"Where the devil is she?!" Fire yelled at everyone. She is usually calm and composed and scary but at this point in time, she's scary as hell. Her tall figure looks really fragile but she's actually the opposite. Harry Styles tried flirting with her and he landed up in crutches. Also, her grey, cold eyes opposes her innocent look. "Motherfucking bitch. She is not going to receive any grade in this project alright? And if ever she'll come through here, kick her out. Now find me a girl. Don't flunk this one Maddison." She sneered at her secretary and walked away to rehearse her lines.

"What do you think?" I jumped in surprise when Perrie popped in front of me.

"Jesus Christ! What is with everyone today? Stop startling me."


"Don't worry about it. What did you said earlier?" I stared at Perrie. If only I was insane, I would go lesbian for her. She's so pretty on her dress.

"About Vivian."

"I don't really know why of all days, that she decided no to show up but I'm pretty sure she's going to suffer Fire's wrath." I saw Maddison walking towards us, with her eyes puffy.

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