Little Lottie

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"Little Lottie. Let her mind wander. Little Lottie thought,'Am I fonder of dolls, or of goblins of shoes? Or of riddles or frocks. Those picnics in the attic. Or of chocolates? Father playing the violin as we read to each other. Dark stories of the north. No.What I love best," Lottie said,"is when I'm alseep in my bed. And the angel of music sings songs in my head. The angel of music sings songs in my...head."

The angel visited her often. Far more often then he probably should have. Singing sweet songs to her sleeping imagination. Songs that entice and intrigue. Songs that can discover flickers of emotion and then coax them to an enormous flame.

The angel was a clever being. He had plans for the young Miss Christine Dae. I'm sure many of you recall the strange affair of...

...the Phantom of the Opera

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