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Pic of Layna

☆☆Sophia ☆ ☆

It has been three days scence we escaped Mitch ' s mansion... and let me tell ya it feels great, even though we have to hunt for food everyday, and sleep on the ground or in trees every night.

But lucky us we found an abandoned house that had three bedrooms we could only use two though, the third has a big hole in the floor and no bed.So we decided that Lynn and chris would share and Layna and i will share the second. It also had a bunch of stuff to keep us entertained like books, CD's , a radio and a bunch of other things to keep us busy for a while.

It's getting pritty late so Lynn, Chris and I decided to head to bed, I have know clue where Layna ran off to. As I tuck myself into the bed I hear Layna rush in and jump onto the bed, "Soph! Guess what I found!" She squeals holding something behind her back, she had a grin on her face, "Ummmmmm I don't know a book?" She shook her head, "Guess again."

"Uh a chocolate bar?" She roles her eyes and made a whining noise, "God now I want chocolate! Thanks alot Sophia!" I throw my hands up, "Hey you are the one that made me guess." She looked at me thoughtfully and then pulled out what she was hiding. I gasp and move closer to her, it was a wooden art box! It was travel size, and ad red flowers painted onto the top and the side. I open the lid gently, there was a little pocket on the inside of the lid filed with oil pastel crayns, pain brushes, pencils (Colerd and regular kind) and hand held erasers. Around the sids of the pocket there were hearts engraved, I look at the bottom on the box and saw two note pads, and little pockets of paint. "Oh my God Layna it is soo cute!" She laughs and nods her head, "Wait that's not even the best part!" She closes the lid and flips the box over, on the bottom there was a quote engraved into the bottom 'If reality dosnt suit you, then make your own world.'"It's beautiful! Where did you find it?" She handed it over to me as I continue to look at it, "There is this room upstairs that has a bunch of art and music stuff." I look back to Layna who was taking off her jeans and slip ing into bed, "Will you show me tomorrow? " I ask as I put the box on the bed side table and tuck myself back in. "Yeah. Before we left Mark told me how much you love art and music, can you sing?" She asks, we lay in the dark facing eachother, "Kinda Mark says he likes my voice but I like playing the violen or the piano more." I feel her nod her head, "Can you sing something?" She wispers snuggling close to me, "Sure just let me ask you a question."


"I have heard of your brother, the roug king but I have never heard of you... how old are you?" I feel her start to play with my hair, "I'm fourteen. I'm gonna be fifteen in four months." I nod my head, "ok so what do you wanna hear?" I lay next to her as she thinks, "Have you heard Night changes by One Direction?" What? "Umm no I don't know who they are."

"OH MY GOD! you need a music - cation. " I stare at her blankly, "You know like a vacation but a music ction? One direction is the hottest boy band ever! Well them and five seconds of summer."

"Umm I'm pritty sure there are more than five seconds in summer." I heard her laugh, "Ok so what do you know?" I think for a second, "How about Broken Roads by: Rascal Flats? It's one of my absolute favorite songs." I feel her nod her head and I start to sing .

' I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you'

We fell asleep just like that, me singing and cuddling Layna to me.

The next day Layna brought me up to the room where she found the box, it was like a dream room. There were painting supplies every where, and two big cabinets with paint and coloring stuff in them. On the other side of the room there was a huge piano, it was missing a lot of keys sadly. There were also guitars on the ground, strings broken. "I know there isn't much left of the music but I thought we might as well take some of the art supplies." Layna says as she grabs a black leather bag and fills it with a bunch of paint. "Ok so what are we gonna take, Soph?" I grab the other leather bag on the ground and started to fill it with papers, and pencils. "Well I think that bag can carrie the paints that are all there, if I need anymore brushes I will put them in my bag. I think we should put in some more oil pastels in your bag." She nodded and turned back to the shelves to fill the bags.

"Soph! Layna?! Come on we have to go!" We heard Chris yell from down stairs, we look at eachother, finished putting in the last of the paint and ran down stairs.

"I thought we wernt leaving till tomorrow? " I say as I see Lynn running around the kitchen packing anything that we could eat, "Well there has been a change of plans... While Chris was doing patrol he cam across a rougs sent."

"So what?" She turns back to me, with fear in her eyes, "Mitch ' s sent was there to."


"Come on old man! Give me my sister back I know you took her!" I yell at the man, Mitch. He is horrible, I have heard that he steals girls from their family's and sell them to rougs as sex slaves. "I swear to you my king I do not have your sister. I might know who dose though, Alpha Cole Fray from-"

"I HAVE AL READ TALK ED TO HIM AND SEARCHED HIS TERITORY! WHERE IS SHE!?" I grab hold of his neck and push him against a tree, I was about to end his life when I was interupted. "Alpha! We caught Layna sent heading east! There are three other sent with her two female one male." I nod my head and threw Mitch to the groung, "Listen here Mitch. If I hear you harmed my Layna at all I will end your life. Not the quick and easy way, the long and terrorizing way." I then shift into my huge black wolf and follow Layna sent. I hope she is ok . Me to.

** hey dudes! I'm sorry for the very latest update but like I said in my kinda authors note I had terrible writer s block. I hope you liked the chapter! :)

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