Liam POV

Well We see  Zayn and Tyler coming up they were happy as can be and we ask what was going on.  and they say "well found out we are brothers and that Tyler ended up being abused and he ran off and came here." Zayn says Which you will find out why i'm so close and worried about him most of the time.  "Oh and Mate I have to talk to you." Zayn says as he Drags me off to where its just us then kisses me "Gosh I missed you too" I say "good and btw did you know that Louis and Harry are dating?" "yeah me justin and Niall knows but we ain't saying nothing. But did you know that Niall Likes Tyler Your..... Brother that is just weird to say lol" I say and kinda giggle "yeah you can tell look" so we look then after we had our make out session again we walk back and we see niall talking to Tyler.

Niall POV

"So Tyler, How are you?" I ask him as his answer was "cut the bull crap Niall, I know you like me, Its easy to see your shy around me your always talking to me and being nice and you can't keep your eyes off of me." with that he winks and I say "ok you got me I do like you but I=I am just afraid to say anything cause I've been hurt before"  "I know Niall but be a man and get at this" He says making his hands rub down the sides of his sexy looking body"  So then I do what I've never done with anyone else before I just lean in and kiss him making him moan into my kiss and we do that for fifteen Minutes.  "wow Niall I'm Impressed"  "thanks  but T-T-Tyler will you erm erm be my B-B-Boy-f-f-friend??" I ask i'm really nervous I've never been nervous before.  But what he says makes me jump right in his arms "Yes Niall I will and I have always been waiting for this moment right here" he says pointing at me cause I'm now Hugging him Tightly.

Louis POV

So When I seen Niall and Tyler were dating I nudged Harry and he Nudged Liam and liam Nudged Zayn and we all looked at them kissing for fifteen minutes but felt like hours.  "so Boys when we are done here we are going to Nandoes right?"  I ask Liam and the boys and Niall looks at us and eyes go wide and he just looks like "well we better cause I'm hungry haha" so we all say in Corous "well you are to busy snogging so how are you hungry?" then we all bust up laughing even Tyler laughs with us  "hey that is well true but still I am hungry" he does his little Pout look and we all say "yes we are going to go there lol we done it to get you two to stop lol." Tyler says something we all can agree on "wow Not use to this like Knowing I have a famous Brother and dating a famous guy and well now being considered famous cause of" he points at the people with cams staring.  "yeah well get  use to it mate we have to also.  But with us that is good cause now everyone will get to meet Zayn's Brother" with that I smiled causing them all to laugh.

Zayn POV

"well Bro I have to get use to this too having a brother I haven't seen in God Knows when, But Louis is right you know.  You will get use to it eventually"  with that we all get up and leave to Nandoes and we all hang out and when Niall and Tyler are done They head home and well do the dirty deed lol but anywho that is my opinion haha "so guys you about ready?  To go home?" I ask and they all say yes so we head hom where Niall and Tyler were.  "I hope they ain't doing it like really loud haha" well we walk in and thankfully they were just sitting on the couch and talking and playing Fifa :) I love that game "Oh you love Fifa?  Tyler?"  "Yes Malik I love Fifa I'm a pro at it."  I say "We'll see about that... Malik"  With that it was my turn to play him and let me tell you he is a pro "dang Bro your better then me or the boys hahaha but I'll get better by watching you when its not my turn"  I stick my toungue out and laugh :P it was a fun time hanging with Tyler Malik My brother I love my brother to death like wow he is like me a bad ass we go to school everyone is scared of both of us and the boys lol.  Even the Jocks are too.

Tyler POV

Well I've been around them for three months now, and they are on Tour.  'Course I'm on tour with them The management seen and heard me sing and said you are just as good as them so your in with them.  "OMG I am so excited never done this in my life" I hollar out loud causing them to all jump and me to laugh so hard that I fall out of the seat.  "good gosh Mate" Liam says "didn't have to hollar that loud haha" and with that we are all living happy as heck.

Harry POV

Well I'm glad Tyler is Zayn's Brother cause he is just like Zayn and when Zayn ain't around Tyler makes me feel like he is still there so I'm glad Tyler is here when Zayn ain't.  Yea Zayn hangs out with Perrie sometimes  Tyler says he likes her she is cool so I think that is great we all like Little Mix they are cool but Perrie is cool she makes Zayn Happy. "so Tyler what the Bloody Hell did you hollar for to make us jump?" I knew he was going to say Styles Put a sock in it and shush lol but he said something Funnier and better. "Styles Yes I did and damn don't be so low talking lol I had to put my thinking cap on to hear what you said and process it lol"  I just bust up laughing and then Tickle him and Niall andd him Tickle me and then before we know it all seven of us is tickling eachother Jusin, Niall, Tyler, me Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn and we are having alot of fun.

Justin Bieber POV

So we all get to the hotel and we are all sitting there then one by one we all go to our rooms and fall asleep and we all say at the same time "get good night sleep cause we have a big day tomorrow" then we pause and stare for about ten seconds and Bust up laughing then say at the same time again "Night"  and we laugh again before shutting the door.  So Louis and Harry are together Zayn and Perrie got together like three days ago cause Liam and Zayn got in a big fight well not literally a fight but a arguement and broke up and Liam and me Justin are together now.


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