Chapter 2

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Jadyn's POV
"Honey, we are moving to Virginia....." he said. I was frozen. I felt like all I was happy with was just ripped out and stomped on I front of me.

" What? Why? When?" I practically yelled. "Jadyn... calm down we are moving to Virginia because I got a better job offer there and I have to take it. We need the money. And we are leaving in 1 week. I have already bought a new house and our tickets and we have to go. I'm sorry sweetie but we have to. You need to start packing, we are leaving on Friday morning." he said calmly.

Tears welled in my eyes knowing I was going to have to leave my friends. I ran upstairs and plopped on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up to the sun in my face, shining through my blinds "shit" i said since I forgot to shut my curtains. I look at my alarm clock and it read 12:27. I got up and got dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie. I decided against makeup (I had a feeling I would cry a lot today).

I walked downstairs and half of the living room and dining room were already packed in boxes."Dad wasn't kidding when he said I have a week left" I thought. I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad reading the newspaper "old people" I thought to myself." Good Morning sweetheart" he said " I guess.." I replied obviously annoyed.

I called Jenni and Lex to see if they wanted to hang out and they said yes and came over.


Authors Note: Sorry for the short chapter school is getting hectic but I am working on the next chapter so please be patient and I don't know what happened but my other fanfiction got removed. It was called Day Dream but whatever so yeah um bye!!! Stay bootiful!!!<3

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