Chapter 1

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Jadyn's POV

Hey, I'm Jadyn and I'm 17 I live in California and today is the best day ever because I'm going to MAGCON with my friends!!!!! I love the MAGCON boys! I have liked them since I found out about them. My friends are Lexie and Jennifer. We all love the boys but Nash and Shawn are my favorites. Jenni likes Matt and Lex likes Aaron.

I wake up to an annoying beeping and I know it's my alarm clock so I shut it off. Then it hits me, today is the day I'm going to meet the boys. I got ready in a floral skater skirt a white crop tank top and a big cardigan and my light purple vans(pic at beginning). I did my makeup and curled my hair. Then Jenni texted me saying she was here so I ran out the door and put my stuff in the car. We all got VIP tickets for both days. Jenni was driving on the way there and I was driving on the way back."WE'RE HERE!!!!!" Jenni yells as we pull up to the hotel. When we get out we get checked in and we are staying in the same hotel as the boys are, so naturally as fan girls we were looking for the boys to stalk them. We didn't see the boys at all before the event, which sucked if I do say so my self.

I was driving home on the way back from the event when I got a text from my dad that said we needed to talk when I got home. I sighed because I knew it wasn't going to be anything good. When I got home I changed and then went back downstairs to find my dad waiting for me." Honey, I have decided this IS happening! So don't try to change my mind. Honey, we are......"

Hey this is my first fanfiction so please don't hate! And all of the characters are down bellow and what the look like and who would play them if this were a movie so imagine these people as you read this story. Okay thank you guys so um......bye!?!
Stay bootiful<3
•Jadyn-Lia Marie Johnson
•Jack J-himself
•Blake-Dylan O'Brien

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