Chapter 10

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(A/N) this'll be a short chapter. Just saying.....


I can't believe he kissed me! Or that I kissed back....

We were now currently in a lounge room. Well....lounging.

" darn it." Johnny muttered , taking a glance at me and Loki so close.
" I missed her."

I giggled and Loki chuckled softly. " too late." He mocked.

They got into a glaring contest until I broke them apart.

" guys guys. Calm down. Lets watch tv." I say, pushing them onto the couch and taking out the remote.

" SHERLOCK!!!" I fangirled, jumping up and down.

Loki took my arms and set me down on his lap." Calm down." He muttered with a smirk.

I laughed." Sorry."

He shook his head." It's alright my dear " He said, focusing on the tv." What is this? "

I stifled a laugh." A tv."

" what does it do?"

" watch." I say, turning on SHerlock.

For the next couple hours he stayed mesmerized by the tv in awe.

Until it was over, he lay down on the couch, with me tightly held to his chest, we fell asleep.

(A/N) I am so so sorry for the short chapter but I have a lot on my plate right now and I promise next time I make a chapter, it'll be longer. I promise.

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