Junior year

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The thrill of finding your classes in a huge school just goes to show you that you haven't been everywhere in the school. Luckily teachers are always lenient on students the first day of school. Which was the thing I always loved about this school. Red lockers and students went past me as I hurried to find my locker.
"Ninety seven, ninety six... Ah here it is! Ninety five!" I exclaimed coming up to the locker. I looked at the sheet of paper that said my locker combination and started to turn the com.
"Twenty five right, ten left, and five right... Yes!" I exclaimed opening my locker, the combination worked. I tucked my schedule in my back pocket, while throwing my bag into the locker. I unzipped the bag and pulled out a pencil and notebook.
Slamming the locker shut I turned to come face to face with my bestie. I screamed and jumped a little from the shock. Her face was close to mine, her eyes are open wide and a huge creepy grin was spread across her face. Her blonde hair was cut short just past her ears.
"Gah! Why do you have to do that?" I asked recovering from the scare.
"Because you love me." She said backing away and smiling normal.
I snorted in a very un-lady like fashion.
"I don't love you." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes turning to walking down the hall. She followed after me.
"So did you see that new guy? I heard he's a cutie, and a exchange student." She said ignoring my comment.
"Oh really? Did you also hear where he's from?" I asked, looking around at all my class mates as they found their lockers, and threw their bags into them.
"No, we'll find out sooner or later."
"True... So what's your first class?"
"Biology on the second floor with the sophomores..."
"That sucks, I have economics with Mr. Samuel."
"Lucky! Whoa look at the time I better head to class, see you later!" She said parting from me and heading down the hallway towards the stairs to the second floor.
"See you later Raylyn!" I yelled to her.
I walked down the corridor searching for class room 200. I found the class a short while later.
I pushed open the door and walked in, students were chatting with their friends, sitting on desks waiting for the teacher.
I dragged myself over to a desk in the back of the class in the far left corner. I wasn't a loner, I just loved my peace and quiet during class. I put my feet on the desk and pulled out my phone hiding it from view just in case the teacher came in. I scrolled through YouTube looking for some videos I haven't watched.
The door opened with a squeak making my head snap up towards it, I panic a little on the inside until I see the familiar face of the main jock. I look back at my phone scrolling through YouTube.
"This is the economics class, our teacher is Mr. Samuel, he's always running late, but he is pretty chill." explained Josh as his voice carried to the back of the room.
"Okay." Another voice replied deeper with an accent.
I kept my head down towards my phone, I gave up searching for a video and started reading.
"And these are our peers. Those kids over there in the front are the nerds and the other kids in the right back corner of the class are the losers, and that doll face over there in the left back corner of the room is Amelia Rose. She goes by M though."
"Okay... Why does she go by M?" The accent asked. Huh the accent haha.
"Uh... She just does, come on lets go talk to her. I have to ask her something."
Foot steps headed my way as I read over the next sentence of the story, it was getting good.
' "No! I won't leave you Alex!" I cried out running back towards him. He held out a hand towards me to stop me from coming any further.
"No! go!" He yelled.
"No-" '
"Hey M, since it's the beginning of the school year, I think we should hook up tonight, you know help you become a new person." Josh said near my head, I looked up towards him and smiled. His brown hair fell in his face, it obviously got longer over summer, his oval shaped face with his deep-set blue eyes; his cheek bones became a little more prominent meaning, he became more handsome, meaning he'll get more girls this year.
"Sure, I obviously do need help" I said sickly sweet.
Josh's eyebrow raised in surprise, he didn't think I was gonna agree, not!
"And then we can have sex and you can go tell your little buddies that you nailed the fabulous M. Now let me just ask my mom..."
I pretended to text on my phone and then looked back up towards Josh. I smiled sweetly again.
"Sorry babe, but my mom said no." I replied with a wink; the sarcasm was real.
"Damn! Go M!" Mitch yelled from across the room. I sent him a wink.
"That's what you had to ask her?" The accent asked making my head snap towards him.
His shortish brown hair was swept to one side casually in a quiff, while his dark brown eyes were deep-set into his oval shaped face, his cheek bones were prominent giving him the sexy look, while also being along the lines that if he wanted to, he could be scary, serious.
"Uh yeah... She's the hottest girl in our school and she hasn't dated a single guy her whole 16 years of life!" Josh exclaimed throwing his hands into the air.
I glared at that idiot, he knew why I didn't date, everyone did. I swung my legs off the desk and put my feet on the floor and stood up coming face to shoulders with the idiot. I turned my head upwards the look at him, pushing my pointer finger into his chest, I started to rant.
"Listen here Josh, and listen closely. You may be trying to show this poor exchange student around, but you do not go around telling him the so called "Cliques" I dragged my hand away from his chest and used my fingers to put quotation marks around cliques. 'And not only that point out every screwable girl within the schools radius and then come over to me, and try to get me to have sex with your dumb arse giving the bloke the idea that I'm screwable. Which I'm not." I stated, a little happy with my statement while being totally pissed.
Josh looked at me shocked; his jaw hit the basement. I glowered at him for a few more seconds before turning towards the exchange student, smiling at him in a friendly manner I held out my hand to shake which he firmly grabbed and shook.
"Hi! I'm Amelia, but please call me M." I said.
"I'm Adrian." He said giving me a genuine smile, he had perfect pearl white teeth.
I pulled my hand away from his and turn to face Josh who had finally recovered and was glaring at me. He opened his mouth to say a smart remark back, I held up my hand and cut him off before he could speak.
"Josh, you do know you won't win this fight, so save your remarks for another day and leave me the heck alone." I said, a smirk forming across my face. I put my hand down.
Josh glowered even more and walked away towards the from if the class pushing past Adrian. I could hear what he was grumbling.
"I'll leave you alone when hell freezes over." He grumbled angrily.
"Josh! Hell already froze over in Michigan plenty of times!" I said loudly.
"Shut up! How do you know anyway? We live in Philadelphia." He asked, already across the room.
I shrugged and smirked.
"I like to research towns in the other states." I replied back.
Suddenly the door burst open stopping all the talking that was happening. Mr. Samuel came in, finally here for class. His bald head was shinning in the light. For a chubby old man I'm surprised he came to class running.
"Sorry I'm late class! I got stuck in a meeting. Now please everyone sit down so I can explain the crap you have to listen to every new school year." He said, in between his heavy panting. Soon we all sat down and listen to the Mr. Samuel explaining the new school year and how everything will work.
Whoop! Whoop! I like how this story is starting out, it's a little slow, but that's normal. Though their is already some drama, it is still a little slow. I hope you like this Chapter!

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