joey was in his room bored as hell so he wiped out his penis an started jacking off the door wasn't locked and Megan walked in
Megan : joey i-
Joey : umm Megan
Megan : joey uh im sorry to barge in on you but you but its time to eat. and im afraid im going to have to report this to your doctor.
Joey: you should have knocked, and I'm not hungry
Megan : well ill just put it down if you get hungry later.

she sat his food down and then left closing the door behind her. he then got up didnt even feel like finishing and went into the bathroom to take a shower once his shower was over he wrapped a towel around him and walked out. he looked over at the time it read 10:30, he wander if shane was coming to see him again. he got dressed and then sat in his bed watching tv.

joey was half sleep waiting for shane but also watching tv when he heard a knock on the door, he got up and answered it.
Joey: hello ?
shane: hi
Joey: what do you want !!
shane : i came to see you ?
joey: well it's really later and im sleep i waited till 10:30
shane: I'm sorry i had to wait till all the nurses left im sorry
joey: its okay i guess , your my only friend and i really like talking to you, i dont get to leave my room either.
shane : well can i come in before some one comes

joey grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him in. he closed the door and locked it and went to sit next to shane on his bed. they talked about a few things. then joey couldn't resist, his sexual urge came in and he kissed shane and it blew shane off guard. at first shane didn't know what was happening the he started kissing back , then joey was on top of shane and they were making out. then shane had to ruin it.

Joey: shane i really like you alot
Shane: i like you a lot too but what were doing is not helping you? is it
Joey : who cares I just want you
Shane: I'm not ready and were not official
Joey : so it is true that you like me?
Shane : yeah
Joey : well will you be mine then ?
Shane: sure , just one thing though
Joey: whats that?
shane : you need to try and get better so they can start letting you have freedom, and i have a past of anger issues that led to killing people.
Joey: i know and thats because no one would listen to you , but I'm different I'm here to listen and love you shane
shane: okay , i guess so were together?
Joey: together!

shane kissed joey making the kiss very passionate after they pulled away the sad in joeys bed and watched tv shane fell asleep on joeys chest and joey against the head bored. joey then shot up from his sleep an remembered that shane couldn't be here in the morning and it was already 3:00 so he had to wake shane up so they wouldent get in trouble.

Joey: shane , shane get up you have to go

shane wouldn't get up so he grabbed shanes pants undid his belt buckle aand when shane finally noticed what was about to happen he got up.

Shane : joey what did i tell you.
Joey: well you wouldent get up and i didnt want to slap you cause i slap hard so i went to the next best thing ...... blow job. s
Shane : hahahah very funny but what time is it
Joey: 3:30 time for you to go go mister
shane : awe well i guess i have to, ill try to come later during thee day i cant make any promiese tho
Joey : okay

they kissed and said there goodbyes.

another chapter done yay and sorry it took soo long i had to finish writing and correct somethings so yeah vote , comment and share

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