Meeting Louis Finally!

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When I get in my car I find out that I left my keys in the house so I went back inside to grab them. I started the car and started to drive I noticed that it was 145 so I sped up a little bit it took about 10 minutes to get there and I was around five minutes early. I stayed in my car and listen to music.when I went inside Louis was already there and I was looking around I could tell he was looking for somebody so I walked up to him. "Hi" I said " oh hi." "Umm.. My name is Aubree." His face lit with excitement then changed into nervousness. "I loved your video you covered that's really the only reason that I called" he said breaking the scilence between us. "Oh umm... Thanks" I said I mean what else was I supposed to say whatever get on with it I really liked this guy so soooorry if you wanted me to get a what I'm hoping is going to be a friendship off to a bad start. " so I was wondering if u wanted to hang out sometime to get to know each other better." Did he just actually say that to me!! OMG! "Yeah that would be great umm but first what's ur number?"
" it's (***)-***-**** (IDK what to put) alright well here's mine" i say handing him the price of paper. "Alright then cool I'll talk to you later?" He asks me "oh yeah! Sure that would be great!"
Hope u liked the chaphter I am starting to get more free time so I'll try to write longer chapters from now on

Maybe I'll update Sunday have a great day or night whatever it is right now😄

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