Ch.2 Voices

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Leo's POV:
Leo stormed out the dining room, feeling annoyed at his 'friends' for ignoring him. This was happening a lot now, he'd try to start a convocation however it was like everyone pretended he wasn't there, like he was invisible. He opened the door to his bedroom and sat down, staring at the ground.
'What did I do wrong? I've been nothing but nice to everyone on the ship yet I'm being ignored. Again. Just like last time when I was left to die'
Then, a shiny object caught his attention, Leo lifted his head to get a better look at what it was. It was a pocketknife. He remembered using it to help take the pain away, he still has the scars. He got to his feet and picked it up, contemplating wether to use it or not. He had promised Nico that he would never use it again, he's never broke a promise before but there's a first time for everything.
"I'm sorry Nico"
He dragged the knife along his wrist, enjoying the feeling of pain as blood poured out of the cuts. He remember how nice it felt last time, blocking out the pain of the real world. This was the only thing he could do to prove to himself that he was alive.
'I might as well be dead' Leo thought
He then heard a voice in his head answer back.
'You should just commit suicide, it's not like the seven want you there' The Voice said
'But Nico would be left alone'
'It's not like he loves you anyway, he dated you out of pity, that's all, he wouldn't care of you dead, no one would'
'That's not true!'
'Oh but it is, why do you think Piper and Jason spend more time with each other than you? Because they don't care about you, they never did and never will'
Leo dropped to his knees and covered his ears, what the Voice said made perfect sense, that's why he didn't want to listen to it.
'Why do Percy and Annebeth not acknowledge you existence? Because they don't care about you, why would they? You destroyed peace between Greeks and Romans by blowing up New Rome'
"STOP IT, PLEASE!" Leo screamed, not being able hold back tears that were staining his cheeks
'Just admit it Leo, no one cares about you'
"Leo?" The voice of Nico called from the mechanics door

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