the new girl

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*beep* *beep* *beep* i'm awaken by an annoying alarm. i get up, throw my self into the bathroom and hop in the shower. as i wash myself i'm thinking about my first day at my new school.

i moved to Virginia about a week into Christmas break. it really sucks i have no friends and barley leave the house. i miss LA. i get out and wrap a towel around myself.

i'm wearing a pair of black high wasted skinny jeans a nirvana crop top with a flowy grey cardigan. i add some light makeup, consisting of mascara, moisturizer. and blush. i lazily go downstairs with the sent of french toast filling my nose and instantly making me hungry.

"hey mom."

"good morning honey, would you like some breakfast?" a smile crept over my face and i nodded.

"thanks ma you da realest!"i say and quietly laugh to myself knowing she doesn't get it.

"want a ride?"

"no thanks, its nice and i want to get to know the area better."

"okay. bye Abbie! good luck on your first day. i love you!"

"love you too mom!" i shout as i walk out the door with my black high top converse untied. i sit on the porch and quickly tie them.

"here we go."

i'm really nervous, because i'm not good at making new friends. i just hope today goes by fast.

i approach the front doors of my new school, i can hear people yelling,and throwing things throughout the halls. i walk to the front office, feeling a few stares come my way. i make my way to the Secretary to get my schedule.

"hi, i'm Abbie, i'm new." i said a bit to enthusiastic for this early in the morning.

"okay, one second." she handed me my schedule and i got on my way to first period, English. i walk in a few minutes late because i had trouble finding the room.



"miss Pearson why are you late?

"umm." i felt so stupid being put on the spot like this.

"i'm new and i had trouble finding the classroom." i said a bit unconvincing

"fine." he said harshly

"but, don't let it happen again! whats your name?

"i'm Abbie" as i told him my name, he pointed to a seat in the corner of the class. which i assumed was where my seat was. i sit down and look into a pair of mesmerizing hazel eyes.


this is my very first fanfic! i know its not the best but i hope you enjoy! thank you so so much for reading and ill try to update as much as i can!

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