Silly old bear

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(So hi.  This is my first real try at writing fanfiction. Hmm constructive critisism/improvement are welcome, if not encouraged. So yeah this is just a generally cutesy, Phan fluff.  Thanks, happy reading. Oh and p.s. sorry about spelling mistakes.)

Phil's POV

"For god sakes Dan, put your bloody bowls in the dishwasher!" I scream into his bedroom. Every bloody day. You'd think he was a child or something.

"I'm sorry, Philly." He cooes innocently "I just find it hard, you know." For god sakes its impossible to stay mad at the cutest, most adorable person in your entire universe.

"Fine but just, do it next time, alright bear?"

"Okay then, my darling lion. Oh by the way can I use you in a video?"

"Yeah,sure,what is it?"

"Ummmm, the boyfriend tag....."

"What?!" I yell, choking on my cheerios. "When did you tell them?!"

"Ummm.. I haven't I was going to feel them I the video."

"AND when were you going to tell me?!"


"You are impossible!!" I run out of the door feeling tears well up in my eyes.

"Phil, come back!" I hear Dan yell behind me, the pain in his voice is undeniable. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you!! Oh come on Phil. I'm sorry!! "

I run down the street, straight into the city. I don't stop until I can't breath properly. I look around, realizing I am lost. I start to panic, tears finnaly running down my cheeks, Im in the west end. Wildly I look around and catch the familiar sight of curly blonde hair. Carrie. I run over, bombarding her adoring fans and crashing her into a hug.

Carrie's POV

Phil's arms engulf me crushing my ribs making it hard to breathe. I notice my shoulder dampening and wrap my arms instinctively around the shaking boy attached to me. I apologize to the girls I was talking to and asked them to excuse me. They nodded and walked back into the lobby.

" Phil what's wrong?" I ask soothingly, already knowing the answer. I note the small shake of Phil's head against my shoulder. Unlatching Phil's arms from around my waist, I push the boy in front of me and say stearnly.

"Philip Michael Lester, if you don't tell me what he did this time, I'm marching over there to ask him myself." The boys eyes flew up to mine, he's terrified and I know it but I need to know what was hurting him. "You know I will, Phil."

"I'm just not ready for people to know yet, that's all." Says Phil's small, tear choked voice.

"Know what, Phil?" I ask curiously.

"That we're together. " Phil whispers quietly, ashamed.

"You and Dan are??.... "

He nods slowly,  his eyes widening.

"That's wonderful Phil!" I cry, pulling him into a tight embrace.  "but I kinda already knew."

"What!" Phil gasps,  pulling away, stiffing.

"Well, you guys weren't exactly subtle about it." Phil blushes scarlet

"Yeah,  I guess." he sighs "I should be getting back."

"Do you want me to come back with you?"

"Nah, I need to do this on my own. Go get back to the show."

"Alright then, hon.  See you soon and good luck." I give him a quick hug and push him back in the direction of his flat.

Phil's POV

As I start walking towards home, mentally calculating where the closest Starbucks is, I know there's one about five minutes away from me. Turning left, I head towards it allowing my craving for a latte take control of my body,  leaving my brain free to think. I shouldn't have stormed out like that on him, i was just surprises and overwhelmed that's all.

"Just a latte, please." I answer the barista, breaking my train of thought. After paying for my drink I quickly scan the cafe to find a sucluded spot, I see one right in the back under the stairs. Grabbing my drink from the counter, I make a direct line for it. Sinking into the faux leather seat, I start to hope that I had left a pair of headphones in the jacket last time I wore it.  My hands plunge deep into my pockets, finding things like 5p coins and my actual phone but nothing that feels vaugely like headphones. There was however, somethkng else, a letter. 

The familiar scrawl, makes me smile and picture his face,  causing me to shake my head violently to remove the image. I pull the dog eared letter out of its evolope and started to read.

Dear P,

These few weeks have been the best of my entire life.  I miss you already and I only left a few hours ago. The thing is... Well I like you.  A lot.  You make me the happiest boy in the entire universe, and if I ever lost you I don't think I could live with myself. What I'm trying to say is that, I love you and I never want you to leave me.

I am now and forever yours

My only thought right now is "I need to get home. " so I stand up leaving my mostly undrunk coffee and run home.

I slowly open the front door and tiptoeing up to my room. As I peer in I catch the glimpse of a hand. Looking up I see Dan curled up on my bed hugging a sign with the words "I'm sorry" surrounded by sad faces and hearts.

I slowly pry the sign from the sleeping boys arms and climb into bed, pulling the duvet over both of us.

"I thought you were never coming back." Says Dan's groggy voice,I can hear the smile in his words.

"Of course I came back, my silly old bear, I love you." and with that draping my arm over him we fell asleep.

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