Month 6

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“Kagami-kun,” The taller looked over at his lover, hearing his name being called, “can you massage my back please? It’s hurting again.” Kuroko shifted his position on the couch so his back was facing the taller.

“Yeah, lower back again?” The maroon-haired male placed his hands on the shorter’s lower back and began to apply a little bit of pressure, earning a groan of relief from the smaller.

“Right there.” Hearing this, the taller began to rub his thumbs in circles along the lower part of the smaller’s spine, the action earning sighs and grunts from the bluenette.

    Being the end of the second trimester, the smaller was having massive back pains as well as muscle pain in his legs, so he would often ask Kagami for massages. Along with the pain came muscle cramps and then a tearing feeling in his lower abdomen, and a tightening feeling in his stomach. Kagami gave a call to the doctor when these symptoms started appearing but was relieved that the tightening was known as Braxton Hicks contractions and were just a preparation for the actual labor contractions, the tearing feeling being a split or stretch of the lower abdominal muscles.

    But it also broke the taller’s heart was seeing a flash of fear in the smaller’s eyes, Kuroko was also becoming afraid of the thought of possibly a premature birth, having twins he was already going to give birth early as is, but what if something went wrong? What if he did something wrong and it caused him to go into labor too soon? The duo would have this conversation often but with a different scenario. But this ended with a kick from one of the twins, Kagami would joke about how the twins are telling their mother ‘to shut up and stop worrying, you’re being ridiculous.” This earned a pout from the smaller but it would put him at ease none the less.

    The taller looked towards the door, hearing a knock. He invited Hyuga and Teppei over to help with assembling the room for a few last touches, he just needed to build the cribs and a dresser. Opening the door he saw the duo along with Riko, which surprised the male.

“I wanted to come along, you guys need a woman’s touch if you want a properly decorated baby room!” Riko said as Kagami stepped aside to allow them in.

“Yo, Kuroko! How’s everything?” Teppei asked the smaller, who turned his attention to the guests.

“Nearly there, just need to survive the pain and how active the kids are.”

“That bad eh?” Hyuga asked.

“You want to try it?” Kuroko raised an eyebrow at his senpai.

“No thank you, after seeing you going through this I am going to avoid having kids for a long time.” Hyuga saw personally how Kuroko was during the first trimester, the moodiness, the cravings, the pure fury of a pregnant individual, frankly it was slightly intimidating to see Kuroko of all people in such an angry state.

“You two have names yet?” Riko asked, looking from the shadow to the light.

“Kuroko, surprisingly, wanted American names, so we decided on Annabelle and and Joey.” Kagami answered from the kitchen as he brought out a snack for everyone.

“Ah, because you grew up in America?”

“Yes.” Kuroko chimed in with a yawn.


“I know, I know, off to bed.” The taller helped the smaller off the couch and he soon made his way to the bedroom for his nap.

“So where is the room?” Riko asked, looking down the hall that lead to the different rooms of the small apartment.

“It’s the guest room.” Kagami walked down the hall to the guest room as mentioned.

    The room was a bright shade of yellow, the door painted a white color as well as the parts for the cribs and dresser. In the far corner was a bright blue rocking chair and a few stuffed toys were piled into another corner.

“It’s cute, your guys did a really good job of decorating!” Teppei said, looking around the room.

“It will be perfect for the little ones.” Riko added, satisfied with what she saw.

“We should probably get started on the dresser first and then work on the cribs.” Hyuga added.

    They all soon began to work as Kuroko slept, dreaming of the day when he could finally be a family with his light and what his children would be like.

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