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Today I finally get to wake up in my own bed, I don't have to sleep in a hotel bed. I turned around and was surprised that Ashton wasn't laying right next to me, I looked around the room to see if Ashton was doing something but he was no where to be found. "Ashton?" I yelled getting up from my bed. There was no answer, I started walking down the stairs and saw Ashton kissing someone. She had thick black hair, skinny, and tall. "Ashton?" I yelled. "oh hi Natalie" Ashton said pulling away from the girl and giggled. "what are you doing?" I asked. "spending time with my new girlfriend silly" he said cupping her cheek. "wait what?" I asked starting to cry. "my new girlfriend, Andrea Russet" he said looking at me. "I think I love her more than I loved you" he added.* I shot up out of bed sweating. "Natalie?" I heard Ashton say sleepily. "Ashton" I said happily and hugged him and didn't let go. "are you okay?" He asked me."i has a bad dream" I said snuggling into his chest a little more. "okay,okay I'm here" he said stroking my hair......

This sucks I'm sorry I was writing this in class and I didn't have a lot of time

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